American Allaunt Dog Breed Caring and Family, Social Life, Physical Traits, Diet Information

American Allaunt Dog Breed Caring and Family, Social Life, Physical Traits, Diet Information

The American Allaunt is a large muscular dog breed with a name similar to that of a breed that became extinct many years ago. Limited information is available about a breed called Alaunt (note the different spelling), which were bred and used as working dogs through the 17th century. Sources indicate nomads of Sarmatian Indo-Iranian ancestry bred the dogs that traveled with them as guards and hunting dogs, ultimately spreading their seed across Europe and Central Asia. It is further reported that the Alaunts became extinct, but not before leaving varieties of cross-breeds behind to continue the heritage.

The various Mastiffs found across the world are speculated to be descendants of the cross-breeding of that time. The American Allaunt breed, often just called Allaunt, is believed to be the blend of several of the Mastiff breeds who are descendants of the ancient Alaunts. The Alaunts worked with their masters as hunters and guard dogs. Occupations, wars, and interbreeding ultimately led to the extinction of the Alaunt. The American Allaunt breed does not only have similar features, characters and strengths to continue optimizing their various skills, but they have developed into loveable, affectionate family pets that will do anything to protect their human families.

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What are the Breed Traits and Characteristics of the American Allaunt? 

The American Allaunts are highly intelligent family dogs with the willingness and ability to perform a variety of tasks, such as hunting and protection. The large and muscular American Allaunts can weigh up to 150 pounds but still impress with extreme agility, speed, and power. However, their innate characters have adapted to circumstances in which they are loveable, affectionate, and easygoing family pets. Allaunts can be docile and devoted to protecting their families while remaining fearless and confident. 

What are the Ideal Living Conditions for American Allaunts?

The ideal living conditions for American Allaunts depend on location and climate. American Allaunts are very active and might be better off in a fenced-in backyard than an apartment. However, with enough exercise and mental stimulation Allaunts will even adapt to life in an apartment. American Allaunts that spend most of the day outside must have shade and plenty of clean drinking water. They should never be left chained up in the backyard, nor should they be locked out at night. Their owners should provide a doggy bed in an area in the house that is free of breezes.

Although American Allaunts can live in most climates, they do best in moderate climates. Their coats are not warm enough for extreme cold, but they are vulnerable to suffering heat-related health problems in excessive heat. 

What is the Type of the American Allaunt?

The American Allaunt dog breed type is purebred, a specific strain that was purposely bred to perform particular tasks, such as guarding and hunting. American Allaunts form part of the working group of canines. The dogs of this breed have learned to be perfect companion dogs that protect their families in exchange for loving care.

What is the Average Litter Size of the American Allaunt?

The average size of an American Allaunt litter is eight puppies, based on the available records of Mastiffs similar to the Allaunts. Because the American Allaut is so scarce, some of the information is based on their closest relatives. although records show one litter with a single puppy, and some with up to 16. The gestation period is 6o to 64 days. To prevent harming the health of female Allaunts, breeders should only allow four to six litters in a female Allaunt’s lifetime.

How Do American Allaunts Interact with Families?

American Allaunts love the interaction with their human families. They are very affectionate, typically close to the family and other people they know. American Allaunts are protective of the people they regard as members of their family. These large, powerful dogs are surprisingly obedient and gentle. Allaunts will protect the entire family, regardless of their ages. American Allaunts are pretty low-maintenance, as their short coats require little care. However, families who consider bringing an Allaunt into the family might be wise to consider the following.

  • Allaunt puppies can be rowdy and rambunctious, especially as a puppy.
  • If their owners do not show strong leadership from early on, Allaunts can be stubborn and willful.
  • Allaunts can be very gassy.
  • Allaunts may snore, and even if they don’t, they make a lot of snuffling, snorting, and wheezing noises.
  • Their large size takes up a lot of space.
  • Boredom typically leads to digging.
  • Allauts may be bouncy and pushy when excited, and unintentionally knock furniture, young children, and older family members over.

How Does the American Allaunt Interact with Other Dogs?

American Allaunts will get along with other dogs if they grow up together. Allaunts are territorial and protective of their family, yard, house, and even car. Socializing an Allaunt to other animals will prevent dangerous shows of aggression. If a dog as large as an American Allaunt is not properly socialized and trained, the consequences could be devastating.

How are American Allaunts with Older People?

When American Allaunts are around older people, they are dignified and good-natured animals, but they are not the recommended breed for seniors. American Allaunts’ size and exercise needs might overwhelm older people. Controlling an Allaunt on a leash when on a walk needs someone young and strong. The same will apply to other interactions between massive Allaunts and frail senior citizens. Insufficient exercise typically causes boredom in American Allaunts, and boredom leads to destruction.

How are American Allaunts with Children?

American Allaunts love the interaction with kids, and if that means extra playtime and attention, so much the better. Allaunt is loving and affectionate toward his family, and his calm demeanor makes him a good companion for older children. However, the breed is not recommended for toddlers because of its great size.

Families who have young children and American Allaunts in the same home will be wise to socialize both the children and the canine.

How are American Allaunts with Neighbors or Guests?

American Allaunts are typically friendly toward neighbors and guests. They love just about everybody, whether they know them or not if their owners are comfortable. However, Allaunts are very intelligent and they will quickly sense if their owners feel uncomfortable with anyone’s presence. There is less chance of situations where a dog reacts aggressively if it was socialized at an early age. Once the dogs are at ease, they would enjoy the attention and even play with guests who don’t have dogs at home. American Allaunts are considered ideal family dogs because they are so affectionate.

What are the Differences Between the American Allaunt Sexes?

There only significant differences between male and female American Allaunts are physical. The mature males’ lowest and highest weights are 100 and 150 pounds, while the females weigh between 90 and 130 pounds. When it comes to height as measured at the withers, the male Allaunts measure between 26 and 29 inches, and the females grow up to 24 or 26 inches high.

What are the American Allaunt’s Physical Traits?

The American Allaunt is a large and very strong dog. It has a muscular body with a broad head, muscular jaws, and a large muzzle. The body is longer than its height, and the Allaunt has straight legs and thick bones. The dog’s graceful, royal look is thanks to his wide chest.

Other physical traits of the American Allaunt dog are listed below: 


American Allaunt falls in the Large dog category

Weight Range

Males – 100 to 150 pounds

Females – 90 to 130 pounds

Height at the


Males – 26 to 29 inches  

Females – 24 to 27 inches






The muzzle is large and strong 

Nose and lips






Eyes color

Brown, the darker the better

Life expectancy

About 10 – 12  years



Coat Colors

Black, black & white, brown & white, light brown & golden, merle, spotted, brindle, speckled with white, cream


What is American Allaunt Best Known for? 

The American Allaunt, is a large Mastiff-like dog that is best known for its broad head and muscular body.

What is the Size of an American Allaunt?

American Allaunts are extremely large. The males can weigh between 100 and 150 pounds as adults, and the females can weigh from 90 to 130 pounds. When measured at the withers, the males are between 26 and 29 inches high, and 24 to 27 inches for the females. The Allaunt is extremely muscular with a broad head, large muzzle, and wide chest. They have short, stiff hair that comes in a variety of colors including black, brown, black and white, brown and white, brindle, and white.

How to Feed an American Allaunt?

When feeding American Allaunts, it is essential to understand the dog’s needs. Consider their high energy and agility, metabolism, size, age, daily activity level, and food quality. American Allaunts need high-quality foods rich enough in calories to sustain their exceptional energy levels. The ideal for maintaining the energy and vigor of an adult Allaunt is between 7 and 10 cups of dried dog food every day. It is best to divide this into two separate meals.

American Allaunt puppies are more active, requiring more food than adults, and spread over three meals per day. To avoid the dogs experiencing bloating or other health complications, they should not receive it all at once but at intervals throughout the day.

Their food requirements are listed below:

  • Adult American Allaunts require between 2,700 and 4,000 calories daily. Older, less active American Allaunts need fewer calories.
  • Owners of American Allaunts should ensure their dogs’ diets include 22% protein to keep their joints and muscles healthy and no more than 8% fat to optimize energy levels.
  • For overall health, the diets of American Allaunts should include vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish. 
  • Seven to ten cups of high-quality dry dog food, split into two meals, are typically enough for an American Allaunt per day. American Allaunts must always have access to fresh drinking water.
  • High-quality commercial kibble brands typically include beneficial plant proteins like peas and lentils.
  • American Allaunts tend to gulp the food up too fast. That can cause bloating. American Allauntlies tend to become overweight if their owners overfeed them.

How Many Cups of Food Should an American Allaunt Eat Daily?

American Allaunts should eat between 7 and 11 cups of high-quality kibble per day, spread over two feeds. However, Allaunt owners must not lose sight of the fact that all Mastiff-type dogs are prone to gain weight and become obese. Therefore, the dog’s activity level must be considered when determining how many cups of dry dog food to give an Allaunt. Also, as they age and become less active, the amount of food should be adjusted to avoid weight gain.

The average number of calories per cup of dry kibble is 350. However, any treats offered to an American Allaunt must be included in calculating how many cups of food they need. Treats must never exceed 10% of their daily caloric intake.

The table below shows how to calculate how many cups of food an American Allaunt needs based on averages. However, most Mastiff-type dogs eat less than allowed, and owners can take their cues from how much remains in the dog bowl to reduce the serving size.

American Allaunt weight

Ave. 30 Calories per pound

Required per day

Balance after 10% subtracted for treats

Cups of kibble per day

90 pounds



7 Cups

110 pounds



8 Cups

130 Pounds



10 Cups

150 Pounds



11 Cups


What is the Daily Cost of Food Consumption of American Allaunts?

Determining the daily cost of food consumption for American Allaunts involves variables like the dog’s size, age, health, activity level, and energy needs. Similarly, different food brands and food types will influence the average daily food costs.

Consider the following:

The average weight of an American Allaunt is 120 pounds — usually between 90 and 150 pounds, needing about 70 pounds of kibble per month. 

That equals about 840 pounds of dry dog food per year.

Considering different kibble qualities and bag sizes, the average price for a pound of kibble is $2.19

Therefore, the average cost of kibble for an American Allaunt is $1840 per year or $5 per day.

How Much Should an American Allaunt Puppy Eat?

Fast-growing American Allaunt puppies eat more than adult dogs, and their daily ratio must be scheduled throughout the day and adjusted as they grow.

The puppy’s feeding ratio can go as follows below:

  • 8 to 12 weeks: 4 meals in a day
  • 3 to 6 months: 3 meals in a day 
  • 6 months to 1 year: 2 times in a day

When the American Allaunt becomes an adult, feeding twice per day is best.

The nutritional needs of an American Allaunt puppy are listed below:

  • American Allaunt puppies’ protein needs are about 21% to 23% more than adult dogs to grow and support strong bones. Yet, overfeeding protein can cause too rapid development of joints and bones, weakening the skeleton.
  • Watch the calcium content of the American Allaunt puppy’s food. It should be limited to 3 grams for every 1,000 calories.
  • An American Allaunt puppy’s system would also require Vitamins A and D and minerals like zinc, manganese, and copper.

What are the Breed-Related Health Problems of American Allaunts?

Information on American Allaunt Breed-related health problems is scarce due to the limited number of canines of this breed. However, many large breeds are susceptible to Hip Dysplasia, which is a condition. that causes abnormal hip joint formation. It could lead to arthritis and instability, with lameness possible as the painful disease progresses.

What are the Health Tests an American Allaunt Should Take?

Although the need for specific health tests related to common diseases in the American Allaunt breed is unknown, people planning to adopt or buy an Allaunt puppy will be advised to have tests done to determine the probability of hip dysplasia developing as the pup grows. Even puppies that look perfectly happy could be at risk. This disease begins in the hips of growing puppies, and the sooner it is diagnosed the sooner treatment or precautions can be put in place. 

Are American Allaunts Hypoallergenic?

Their short coat may be misleading and make owners believe they do not shed – however, that is not true.

No, American Allaunts are not hypoallergenic. For people who are prone to allergies, American Allaunts might not be a suitable choice. This breed is known to cause allergic reactions in many people. The belief of most people that dogs’ hair or fur causes allergies is not valid. The true source of the allergic reactions is skin flakes called dander and the protein in dogs’ saliva. Fortunately, American Allaunts do not drool a lot.

What are the Exercise Needs of an American Allaunt?

American Allaunts are high-energy canines needing a reasonable amount of exercise. Two 30 minute walks and some gameplay in the backyard or park are sufficient. Allaunt owners should never lose sight of the breed’s propensity to Hip Dysplasia. Too long walks and jogging can harm the hips of young American Allaunts. Once they are fully grown, the risk would not be as high as for growing pups. The same applies to playing games, and parents must supervise young children to make sure they don’t play horsey, with an Allaunt.

However, Allaunts must get some form of daily exercise, even if they are only companion dogs, and not used for hunting, which is what they were bred for.

What is the Activity Level of the American Allaunt?

American Allaunt dogs have high activity levels. Allaunts’ families must help keep them busy by ensuring they have a job to do. If American Allaunts live inactive lives, boredom might cause them to become destructive, or worse, sedentary and prone to gain weight.

Structured play can add further benefits. There are many fun ways to play with an American Allaunt, as long as it is not strenuous enough to harm hip development. Examples of games include tug of war, chasing after something, hiding and seeking objects, fetch, and even exploring games. When home alone, several enjoyable toys can help an American Allaunt vent pent-up energy instead of becoming destructive.

What are the Nutritional Needs of an American Allaunt?

Meeting the nutritional needs of the American Allaunt breed is crucial because they have a strong tendency to be overweight. Any signs of weight gain should be discussed with a veterinarian to help establish a healthy diet plan. Reduce unhealthy food and snacks, and measure the American Allaunt’s weight regularly.

The nutritional needs of American Allaunts must be met to ensure strong overall health. Active adult American Allaunts require between 2700 and 4500 calories daily. Older, less active American Allaunts need fewer calories per day. The essential nutrients for American Allaunts are listed below:

  • Protein: American Allaunt dogs need natural animal protein, valuable for the amino acids they contain that are essential for their health. Equally important is the fact that protein builds lean muscles and provides energy.
  • Fat: Animal protein also provides adequate fat, an additional energy source that boosts the American Allaunt’s metabolism. However, there is a fine line between enough and too much. Excessive fat levels in the dog’s daily diet could result in weight gain and, ultimately, obesity. Most importantly, adult dogs and senior dogs need lower fat levels than puppies.
  • Carbohydrates: Although carbs are not essential nutrients, they are crucial energy sources. Giving the American Allaunt sufficient carbs will provide energy, encouraging the body’s protein absorption to build lean muscle. Beware, though; too many carbohydrates can lead to obesity.
  • DHA: DHA is one of the components of omega-3 fatty acids. It promotes proper eye and brain development in American Allaunt puppies, develops cognitive development in puppies, and slows cognitive decline in older dogs. Furthermore, omega fatty acids benefit aging dogs by treating chronic kidney disease and canine arthritis. Omega-3 oils improve the coat health of American Allaunt dogs.
  • Micronutrient: Taurine is one micronutrient that aids heart health, and other valuable micronutrients for the promotion of strong joints in American Allaunts are chondroitin and glucosamine.
  • Minerals: Beneficial minerals for American Allaunt dogs’ growth include a healthy balance of phosphorus and calcium. Pre- and probiotics and chelated minerals provide additional health to the diets of American Allaunts.

What is the Shedding Level of an American Allaunt?

Shedding is a natural process in the hair growth cycles of all dogs, but some breeds shed more than others. American Allaunts owners will be happy to know their canine kids do not shed excessively. However, a good brushing to remove loose hair once a week could prevent furniture from being covered with the Allaunt’s hair.

As they prepare for the changing weather of summer and winter, they shed more and might need more brushing. Not only can a daily brush keep the loose hair under control; frequent brushing also helps keep the coat shiny, and American Allaunts love the extra attention they get when their owners brush them.

What is the Coat Grooming Frequency of an American Allaunt?

The coat grooming frequency of Alopekis dogs is not demanding, but it is important. Giving it a good brush once a week, or even bi-weekly is sufficient. Routine grooming also offers numerous other fantastic benefits for the American Allaunt and its owner, including the list below.

  • Better health and smell
  • Less shedding and a shinier, healthier coat
  • Can discover any health-related or skin problems
  • Lowers the risks of ear infections
  • Excellent opportunity to look for any fleas and ticks

Brushing and grooming the American Allaunt are activities that also help to boost the connection between pet and owner.

What is the Drooling Level of the American Allaunt?

The American Allaunt is a perfect example of a very low drooling tendency. Drooling is the unintentional saliva flowing outside of the mouth. It can be completely normal or a sign of a health problem. Certain dog breeds drool minimally compared to others, just like the American Allaunt. If you notice any change in your dog’s drooling habit, you should contact a vet as soon as possible.

However, drooling in American Allaunts and all other dogs is natural. It is an entirely normal and necessary process for a dog’s good health. The saliva of dogs is an oral mucus secretion that is closely linked with their digestive systems and stomachs. It facilitates swallowing and anticipates and prepares for digestion, with various circumstances triggering the mucus secretion.

Frequent cases of natural drooling in your American Allaunts are listed below:

  • Feeding-related drooling: When an American Allaunt knows it’s time to eat, smelling the aromas of food, or seeing their owner handling the bag or storage container with kibble typically causes drooling. It is called the “Pavlov reflex.”
  • Excitement: American Allaunts are clever, and they will know when a walk or game session is imminent, and drooling in anticipation of the fun is quite normal.
  • Stress and anxiety: Any unusual situations like unfamiliar thunderous noises or being approached by another large, aggressive-looking dog could trigger excessive drooling.
  • Sexual: A male American Allaunt’s excitement when seeing a female could also cause drooling. Likewise, a female experiencing her first heat might drool if she picks up the scent of an American Allaunt boy dog.

What is the Coat Type of the American Allaunt?

The American Allaunt breed has a dense, smooth, and thick coat.

What is the Coat Length of the American Allaunt?

The coat length of the American Allaunt is short.

What is the Coat Density of the American Allaunt?

The American Allaunt breed’s coat is dense.

What is the Coat Texture of the American Allaunt?

The American Allaunt breed’s coat is coarse but smooth.

What are the Possible Coat Colors of American Allaunts?

The American Allaunt breed’s coat can be black, black and white, brown and white, light brown and golden, merle, spotted, brindle, speckled with white, cream.

What is the Brushing Frequency of the American Allaunt?

The American Allaunt has a dense weatherproof coat formed by two distinct layers. It does not require any special care, however, the density and thickness of the coat mean that the breed can shed heavily and therefore weekly brushing is recommended to prevent excessive hair loss around the house. More frequent brushing may be necessary during seasonal coat changes.

What are the Social Traits of the American Allaunt Breed?

The social traits of dogs in the American Allaunt breed are affectionate, friendly, gentle, cheerful, and lovable. They crave constant attention and will find ways to get as much love as possible. They are highly intelligent, curious, lively, and independent. Other social traits are listed below:

  • Child Friendly: American Allaunts are kid-friendly, but they could be nippy with small children.
  • Family Friendly: American Allaunts are affectionate with their human families and submissive to the master.
  • Stranger Friendly: American Allaunts are not the most stranger-friendly dogs. They will be wary in the company of strangers until they decide there is no threat to them or their families.
  • Dog Friendly: American Allaunts are typically happiest in dog-loving families.
  • Seniors Friendly: American Allaunts are friendly with seniors, but they might be too active and exuberant to live with older people.

How Do American Allaunts Interact with Strangers?

American Allaunts can be a bit reserved and standoffish with strangers. However, they typically warm up when they are shown affection and overcome initial shyness.

Are American Allaunts Playful?

Yes, American Allaunts are playful dogs. Playtime with their adult family members includes going on hunting trips, or just hiking in the mountains. American Allaunts like playing with children but puppies are susceptible to joint injury, so caution is needed to be sure they don’t overdo it. Natural play would not be a problem, but exercise such as jumping over hurdles, long walks, or other stressful activities are best avoided until about 18-to-24 months of age. 

Are American Allaunts Protective?

American Allaunts are protective, but not naturally aggressive. They will bark to alert their family members of anything they suspect might be a threat, but they will not typically attack. They will use their hunting and guarding skills to determine whether there is a threat or not.

What is the Adaptability Level of American Allaunts?

The American Allaunt breed is surprisingly adaptable. This might be a characteristic of their hunting skills. They prefer mild climates but could adapt to colder or warmer weather conditions. When it comes to living conditions, American Allaunt can live anywhere, even in an apartment. However, if they do not get the necessary daily outdoor exercise, they could show frustration and boredom by being loud, hyperactive, and destructive. 

What are the Personality Traits of American Allaunt?

The personality traits of American Allaunts include their happiness to be a part of a family. American Allaunts have no problems accepting a human as their master. They are usually very affectionate dogs and loyal to their owners. Although they would like to climb onto a family member for cuddles, an Allaunt will be quite happy to just lie with its head in the lap of a beloved human. 

American Allaunts are a social breed. They enjoy being around people or other animals and they do not tolerate being left alone. They are a hunting breed, so they have a fairly strong preying nature. They are very likely to chase cats and other small household animals.

The American Allaunt breed is intelligent and has a fearless personality. They are happiest when they are kept busy.

Can American Allaunts be Aggressive?

No, American Allaunts are not naturally aggressive. They do show a strong determination to follow a scent when they pick up on something that interests them, but not in an aggressive way. Without careful socialization, an Allaunt may be suspicious of everyone. It can lead to either shyness or aggression, and both attitudes are dangerous in a large breed like American Allaunts. Fearful canines can bite defensively if they feel cornered. And dragging a huge frightened Allaunt along by the leash in public is never fun.

Can American Allaunts be Dangerous?

No, American Allaunts are not dangerous by nature but certain circumstances could lead to dangerous reactions. American Allaunts must be given a lot of attention and have proper discipline. Even situations where the American Allaunt is in the company of cats or other small pets can turn out to be dangerous because the dog may react instinctively to the impulse to chase and catch.

Do American Allaunts Ever Attack?

Yes, they might, although launching attacks is not natural for American Allaunts, circumstances might trigger attacks. The large strong Allaunt dogs are naturally protective and they take their roles as guard dogs very seriously. Any serious threat to the safety of their homes, back yards, cars, and their humans could trigger an attack. Although socializing might help, it will not remove the protective instincts of an American Allaunt.

Can American Allaunts Kill Humans?

No records show incidents of American Allaunts killing humans, but it could happen. Looking at injuries and deaths caused by the Mastiff-type breeds of dogs, it is clear that these canine powerhouses can kill humans. With weights as much as 150 pounds, they are rarely afraid of anything. According to VetStreet, analysis of dog attacks on humans from 1982 through 2014, Mastiff-type dogs were involved in 28 such attacks. Children were the victims in 23 of those attacks, and five human lives were lost

How do American Allaunts Cope with Being Left Alone?

American Allaunt dogs do not cope well with isolation. However, they can cope with being alone for a few hours per day as long as they have sufficient space to play and suitable toys to keep them busy. Allaunts crave social interaction with their human families, and they might act up if left in isolation too often. American Allaunts who get enough exercise tend to cope with isolation best. If they are alone and bored, all kinds of mischief are possible, starting with digging up the back yard, or attacking upholstered furniture if they were locked inside the house.

Can I leave my American Allaunt at home?

Yes, an American Allaunt can be left at home, but they don’t relish isolation. However, most American Allaunts will be satisfied to stay behind with other family members if their favorite human has to go out for a while. They might also deal with being home better if they have a canine companion. Even then, without space to play or suitable toys to keep them busy, two Allaunts can get up to double the mischief and cause double the damage if they are bored.

Can American Allaunts be left alone for 8 hours?

They need attention and kindness like any other pet. A dog can experience severe anxiety and health issues if it is alone. This fact often deters many students and office goers, who have to stay out for many hours.

No, American Allaunts should not be left alone for eight hours because dogs feel lonely and sad when there is nobody to accompany them. Leaving American Allaunts alone for longer than the bearable and reasonable limit like while the owners are at work could cause separation anxiety and other health issues. If this is a frequent issue, hiring a pet sitter or dog walker might be a good idea.

How to Train an American Allaunt?

American Allaunts are highly trainable because of their great intelligence. They can memorize and understand new commands within 15 to 25 repetitions. They are smart enough to find the association between commands and actions quickly. If the owner or trainer is not strict enough, the Allaunt trainee might be stubborn and attempt to take over the role of the master.

How Frequently does an American Allaunt Bark?

The American Allaunt barks only occasionally and when they do, they have valid reasons.

Although American Allaunt is not prone to compulsive, excessive barking, some situations could give rise to some barking. It includes greeting, alarm barking to warn its family of suspected threats, fear, separation anxiety, or boredom, and attention-seeking if left alone for too long. 

What is the need for Mental Stimulation of an American Allaunt?

Mental stimulation is essential for an American Allaunt to function optimally. American Allaunts are intelligent dogs that need mental and neurological stimulation. Providing mental enrichment for an American Allaunt is quite simple, but the benefits are significant. It is anything that activates, enriches, and stimulates the Allaunt’s mind. Mental stimulation could be external, using the environment or internal thought. This can include using toys, puzzles, and other interactive toys, and games like scenting games involving hiding treats to be sniffed out. Hide and seek is another perfect way to stimulate American Allaunts.

The benefits of mental enrichment for the American Allaunt are listed below:

  • Assists and stimulates the American Allaunt’s brain growth
  • Improves an Allaunt’s problem-solving skills
  • Builds an American Allaunt’s social skills and confidence
  • Allows the American Allaunt to engage in natural and instinctive behaviors
  • Mental stimulation allows for happier and more balanced American Allaunts, reducing risks of depression

Overall, mental stimulation prevents boredom and resulting destructive behavior, excessive barking, and attempts by American Allaunts to escape.

What are the Breed Standards of the American Allaunt?

The American Allaunt is not recognized as a pure breed by the American Kennel Club. There is also no available information of recognition by any other Kennel Clubs, which is understandable because of their limited numbers, believed to be no more than about 120. However, breeders are working to get the numbers up and they hope to get the American Allaunt onto the records of major kennels.

Some of the breed standards are listed below:

Coat Color:

The American Allaunt breed’s coat can be black, black and white, brown and white, light brown and golden, merle, spotted, brindle, speckled with white, cream.

Size Classification:


Eye Color:

Brown, the darker the better

Average Weight:

American Allaunt males 125 pounds, females 110 pounds

Average Height:

(at the withers)

American Allaunt males 30 inches, females 27 ½ inches 

Average Lifespan:

10 to 12 years


What is the General Information about the American Allaunt?

The American Allaunt, often simply called the Allaunt, is an extremely rare Mastiff breed with a  powerful large appearance. yet a surprisingly obedient and gentle disposition. Allaunts are good with children and other dogs and make fantastic protection and guard dogs. They are low-maintenance, as their short coats require limited care. 

The American Allaunt is believed to be a descendant of an extinct dog breed that existed in the North Caucasus, Europe, and Central Asia in ancient times. That dog was known as the Alaunt, and it represented several Mastiff-type dogs. The American Allaunt mimics some of the features of the extinct breed with the same name, less one letter. Alaunts were bred as hunting dogs, and they were also used as guards.

Where to Buy or Adopt an American Allaunt?

Buying or adopting an American Allaunt could be challenging, mainly because they are not well known. However, using social media might be the best way to learn where and who to contact. Potential buyers should be aware of how rare Allaunt pups are and they persevere in the search for a reputable breeder. They should not fall for advertisements of puppy mills with many Allaunt pups at cheap prices. Puppy mills overbreed females with no regard for the health of the puppies and their mothers.

What are the Average Puppy Prices of American Allaunt?

Due to the rarity of American Allaunt puppies from a reputable breeder, prices are estimated, based on the prices of other Mastiff-type breeds. A top-quality breeder of American Allaunt puppies will likely charge between $1,000 and $2,000 or even more for a purebred American Allaunt puppy. The average price of American Allaunt puppies is determined by various aspects.

Factors that play roles in the prices for American Allaunt puppies include:

  • The breeder’s locale
  • The sex of the puppy
  • The pedigree and attributes of the puppy’s parents
  • The age of the puppy
  • The puppy’s quality

What are the Rescue Clubs for American Allaunts?

Rescue clubs for American Allaunts do not exist because it is reported that the estimated number of Allaunts is no more than about 120 dogs. Chances of finding an American Allaunt at a rescue club or shelter are limited. However, searching Mastiff breed rescue clubs might be the best option. 

Which Dog Breed Organizations Recognize American Allaunt?

The American Allaunt breed is not yet recognized by the American Kennel Club, and it seems other Kennels and canine registries are all waiting for the numbers of American Allaunts to increase.

What is the American Allaunt History?

The history of the American Allaunt is not well recorded, resulting in many speculations as to where the breed comes from. The most detailed publications speculate that the American Allaunt breed is genetically connected to various Mastiff-like breeds under one umbrella called the Alaunt. The Alans, who were Iranian pastoral nomads in the Caucasus are believed to have bred the first Alaunts. Every time the Alans split up with groups heading in different directions, they would take their Alaunts along. Ultimately, with cross-breeding at all their various destinations including North Africa, Spain, France, and Asia, new Mastiff-like breeds were established, with the original Alaunt pair their oldest ancestors.

Is the American Allaunt Breed Extinct?

No, the American Allaunt is not an extinct breed. It is actually a new breed working to become established and recognized as a purebred with genetic links to the ancient Alaunt breed, which is believed to be extinct. Using genes from various Mastiff-type breeds who are believed to have once been the descendants of the Alaunt breed around 375 AD, the American Allaunt breed was established. This new breed bears a strong resemblance to the ancient Alaunt which can be seen in ancient paintings and sculptures as they posed as cherished companions with their owners. It is clear that they were more than hunting and guarding dogs then. Although the new American Allaunt breed is only about 120 strong right now, they have proved to be equally loveable companions, guard dogs and even hunting companions in the 21 century.

Which Ancestry does American Allaunt Belong to?

The ancestry of the American Allaut is not well recorded, and the available information seems more speculation than facts. Breeders of the American Allaunt say this is a new breed based on their genetic connections to an ancient breed called Alaunt. The Alaunt was a breed that went with their nomadic owners from about 375 AD to various global destinations. The cross-breeding that took place in North Africa, Asia, Sain, France, and more, led to various Mastiff-like breeds.

Although the original pair of Alaunts has long since become extinct, their descendants were not shy to procreate, and the new American Allaunt breed was established by using the genes of the Mastiff-types whose ancestry was the ancient Alaunts.

What is the Date of Origin of the American Allaunt?

The date of origin of the American Allaunt is not recorded, but breeders claim they originated as far back as 375 AD. That was about the time when nomadic Alans in North Caucasus were invaded and the Alani split and traveled to destinations like Central Asia, Europe, and more. The Alani took their beloved Alaunt dogs with them and settled in different countries where cross-breeding with local dogs established a variety of Mastiff-like breeds, each genetically connected to the Alaunt ancestors in North Caucasus.

American breeders used the genes of various Mastiff breeds to develop a new American Allaunt breed in honor of their ancestors from centuries ago. Efforts are ongoing to increase the numbers and get the breed recognized by a kennel club, like AKC. When that happens there will likely be a date of origin recorded.

What is the Origin of the American Allaunt?

The American Allaunt breed is a modern breed developed in honor of an extinct ancient breed called the Alaunts. However, it is believed that ancient Alaunts were ancestors to a wide range of dog breeds that are still around in the 21st Century. The ancient breed was developed by the nomadic Alans who were pastoral travelers who took their dogs with them on their travels. For example, it is speculated that the Alaunt dogs of the Alans bred with British Pugnaces, which is important because they are believed to have been ancestors to breeds such as the English Bulldog as well as the English Mastiff. This may sound strange, but the Romans hired Alans and other non-Romans as mercenaries frequently. Those Alans who were stationed in Roman Britain apparently brought their dogs with them and allowed them to mate with local dogs.

For What Purpose is the American Allaunt Used?

The purpose for which the American Allaunt is used today is the same as their ancestors. The different Mastiff genes used to establish the American Allaunt ensured that the modern dog would replicate the skills of the ancient, extinct Alaunt breed. Around 375 AD and before, Alaunt dogs were cherished companions, hunting and guarding dogs. The American Allaunts may not do so much of the hunting, but they are excellent guard dogs that will protect their human families from all threats. Allaunts are great family pets that are low maintenance and have natural protectors. 

Is the American Allaunt a Guarding Dog?

Yes, the American Allaunt is a good guarding dog that is courageous, confident, and loyal to their human families. A well-socialized Mastiff treats strangers with polite aloofness. However, it will step between a family member and any stranger who might pose a threat. The Allaunt will not only protect its owner but also possessions and property. American Allaunts are affectionate and intelligent, and their massive, muscular body and high speed typically serve as enough deterrent for intruders, so attacks are typically not necessary.

What are the Other Names of the American Allaunt?

The American Allaunt does not have other names. However, the ancient ancestors of Alaunt have many names in different countries. Here are some of them, Alaunt Gentil, Alaunt de Boucherie, Alão, Alano White Kazbegi, Alaunt Gentil, Alaunt de Boucherie, Boucherie, Alano Mastins, Lebrels, Ayuda, Presa, Ossetians.

Where does the Name of American Allaunt come from?

The name of the American Allaunt appears to have been obtained from the ancient Alaunt breed. The Alaunt wasn’t only one kind of dog. Instead, Alaunt was a term that covered a wide range of dogs from a wide range of places, which makes sense because of the circumstances of how it came to be.

What are the Common Nicknames of the American Allaunt?

Allaunt is the common nickname for the American Allaunt. 

What is the Scientific Name of the American Allaunt?

American Allaunt Scientific Classification is Listed Below:

Scientific Name:

Canis lupus familiaris













What is the Average Maintenance for the American Allaunt?

The cost of owning an American Allaunt is not straightforward math because a number of things must be taken into consideration. These include the cost of the dog itself, food, veterinary expenses, supplies, training, licensing, insurance, grooming, and more. However, there are averages to work on.

An American Allaunt puppy is likely to cost between $1,000 and $2,000 with an average of $1,500. The first year of an American Allaunt’s life is more costly because of more veterinary care. However, vet care costs could be higher throughout an American Allaunt’s life than any other expenses.

Below is a list of averages:

  • Typical veterinarian expenses when owning an American Allaunt: $65 – $100 per month, including a once-off neutering or spaying bill, which is $50 to $400.
  • The American Allaunt’s vet bills will also include vaccines, $25 to $50.
  • An American Allaunt’s food requirements are between $130 and $150 per month (see: Best Dry Dog Foods).
  • American Allaunt training costs from $240 to $600 for private training or $50 to $125 for group training; both refer to a 4 to the 6-week course.

How to Name an American Allaunt?

Naming an American Allaunt might require different criteria than new American Allaunt parents might expect. It is never the actual name the American Allaunts respond to; instead, it is the sound and how it is said.

The Building Blocks necessary include tone and syllables as listed below::

  • American Allaunts respond best to two-syllable names because they are not short enough to be confused with single-syllable command words like sit, come, and down. However, they are not long enough to become puzzling. Simple examples include Sadie, Cupcake, and Buster.
  • American Allaunt owners set on a specific single-syllable name can go with it, but find a way to stretch the sounds to sound like two, such as “Zack” stretched into “Zaa-hack” and using two different tones when calling him.
  • American Allaunts respond most positively to high-pitched, excited, and happy sounds when calling them and soothing, quiet sounds when they get nervous or overzealous.
  • Some American Allaunt parents find their pups respond and recognize their names better if they say them in a sing-songy voice.

What are the Most Common Female American Allaunt names?

Some of the top American Allaunt girl names are as perfect as they are, fun and with the potential for parents to put their own unique pitch or tone to it. The top female American Allaunt names are listed below: 

  • Lea
  • Chira
  • Mia
  • Tanja
  • Abby
  • Alice
  • Angel
  • Birdie
  • Carly
  • Buffie

What are the Most Common Male American Allaunt names?

The top 10 American Allaunt boy names are also mostly two-syllable names. The top Male American Allaunt names are listed below:

  • Hugo
  • Moritz
  • Simon
  • Rudy
  • Boomer
  • Buster
  • Dexter 
  • Duffy
  • Georgie
  • Logan 

What are the Different Types of American Allaunts?

There are no other types of the American Allaunt, but there are seven Mastiff breeds that are said to have genetic connections to the Allaunt. They are as majestic and loyal as the American Allaunt, and hail from different parts of the world, with origins dating back 3,000 years

The seven Mastiffs are listed below. 

  • English Mastiff: A direct descendant of the ancient Molosser dog breed that faced lions and gladiators.
  • Bullmastiff: With Bulldog and Mastiff parents, the Bullmastiff is also from England.
  • Tibetan Mastiff: This relatively rare, furry mastiff lives high in the Himalayan mountains.
  • Neapolitan Mastiff: This Italian beauty captivates dog lovers with her calm nature. 
  • Cane Corso: Often called the Italian Mastiff, the Cane Corso is another Italian beauty with a regal, proud bearing.
  • French Mastiff: This variety of the mastiff seldom weighs more than 100 pounds. Yet, they have the largest head of all canines — not just mastiffs.
  • South African Boerboel: If he is not minding a herd, a fenced back yard for play or even a swim now and again is exercise this mastiff will enjoy. 

What are the Similar Dog Breeds to American Allaunts?

Similar dog breeds to American Allaunt are listed below:

  • Dogo Argentino – This is the Argentina Mastiff. As the American Allaunt, it is a heavily muscled large dog, bred for hunting big game like wild boars. They are excellent companions, but fearless to attack when their owner is threatened. Yet they get along with other dogs and love interacting with children.
  • South African Boerboel – This mastiff is primarily a guarding dog that protected early British and Dutch settlers in the Cape area in the mid-1600s. In South Africa, he is called a Boerboel, which translates to “a farmer’s bull.”
  • Anatolian Shepherd Dog – This large mastiff-type dog originated in Turkey. Nomadic tribesmen developed them thousands of years ago as protectors of livestock and property.

What are the Similar Maintenance Dog Breeds to American Allaunts?

Some of the dog breeds with similar maintenance needs as American Allaunt are listed below:

What are Similar-sized Dog Breeds to American Allaunts?

Dog Breeds of similar size as the American Allaunt breed are listed below:

  • The Bullmastiff – weight 100 to 130 pounds. Brave, loyal, and affectionate.
  • Great Dane – weight 100 to 190 pounds. Friendly, dependable, patient, and laid-back.
  • Bernese Mountain Dog – weight 70 to 115 pounds, Good-natured and calm.

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