Can Dogs Eat Potatoes? Effects of Potato for Dogs as a Dog Food

Can Dogs Eat Potatoes Effects of Potato for Dogs as a Dog Food

Yes, dogs can have correctly prepared potatoes. Potatoes are nutrient-rich vegetables that provide a healthy serving of vitamin C, vitamin B6, iron, and magnesium. The combination of these vitamins and minerals can have positive effects on your dog’s immune and nervous systems.

However, do not cancel all the benefits by adding spices, butter, milk, cream, or other harmful ingredients to your pup’s potato treat. You’ll want to avoid offering your dog any potatoes with pre-existing health conditions, such as obesity or diabetes since potatoes can cause spikes in blood sugar and lead to weight gain.

Raw potatoes also contain solanine, especially dangerous if there is any green color on the potato skin. This substance can be toxic to dogs if your potatoes are not prepared correctly. Furthermore, the high starch content should not be overlooked. Although correctly prepared potato is safe for a dog to eat, it should only be occasional small snacks and not a part of their daily meals and calorie intake.

Too many potatoes mean too many carbs, which could lead to obesity. Keeping potato servings below 10% of the dog’s daily caloric intake. While potato skin isn’t toxic to dogs, it contains oxalates, a naturally occurring compound that can harm your pup’s kidneys if eaten too frequently or in large quantities. 

If your dog has never eaten potatoes, start by feeding them a small amount to see if they have an adverse reaction, like an upset stomach or allergic reaction. Then you can slowly increase the quantity over time.  Potatoes can cause your dog’s blood sugar to increase, which can be harmful to dogs with diabetes.

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Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes Safely?

Yes, dogs can eat sweet potatoes safely. Nutritionists consider sweet potatoes a whole superfood. These orange-colored ground tubers, or root vegetables, are nutrient-dense. They’re packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, and fiber, with more nutritional value than most other tubers. They’re also low in fat and calories, ultimately adding tasty and nutritional value to your dog’s diet.

Are sweet potatoes healthy for dogs?

Yes, sweet potatoes are healthy for dogs. A substantial amount of research has proven that these naturally-sweet root vegetables possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and disease-fighting components and these benefits have anti-cancer benefits.

Can dogs with diarrhea eat sweet potatoes? 

Yes, dogs with diarrhea or other digestive issues can benefit from eating sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are loaded with fiber, which helps cure loose stool and diarrhea. One cup of cooked sweet potato contains approximately 5.94 grams of fiber.

Can Dogs Eat Potato Skins Safely?

Yes, dogs can eat potato skins safely, but you should take care. They can be crunchy and delicious, but sharing your potato skin snacks with salt and other seasonings could have severe health consequences. Therefore, they should be plain and in limited quantities.

Are potato skins healthy for dogs? 

No, potatoes with skins removed are healthy in small quantities, but feeding your dog potato skins could be dangerous. They pose two different dangers: dogs eating cooked potato skins and dogs eating raw potato skins.

Why are potato skins risky for dogs?  

Raw potato skins and any part of the potato plant, stems, and leaves contain solanine. Solanine poisoning causes stomach upset, blurred vision, and a slowed heart rate. 

The cooking process removes the solanine risk, but cooked potato skins contain oxalates. Oxalates are safe in moderation. However, if your dog eats too many potato skins, it risks developing kidney problems. To keep your pet safe, consider keeping the potato skins to yourself and only sharing small amounts of unseasoned, cooked potatoes.

Can Dogs Eat Mashed Potatoes Safely?

Yes, your dog can eat mashed potatoes safely; however, the mashed potatoes you feed your dog are not going to be the same potatoes you prepare for a family meal.

What can make mashed potatoes unhealthy? 

Mash for your furry friend must be free of seasonings, butter, cream, or milk. You should not add salt, garlic, onion powder, or other seasonings. Some herbs, such as onion and garlic powders, are toxic to dogs and cause anemia. Additionally, high levels of salt can quickly lead to dehydration. You can safely share a small amount of unseasoned mashed potatoes with your dog as a special treat. 

Can old and young dogs eat instant mashed potatoes?

What about instant mashed potatoes? Would that be safe for your puppy or your senior dog? It is not good to feed a dog of any age with instant mashed potatoes because it contains unhealthy ingredients. Preparing it requires milk, adversely affecting a dog with lactose intolerance.

Other potentially harmful ingredients in instant mashed potatoes include sodium, usually salt, and garlic or chives in the flavored versions. The same goes for cheese-flavored instant mash because cheese powder is packed with sodium, preservatives, and artificial coloring.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Potatoes Safely?

Yes, your dog can eat cooked potatoes safely. It is the best way for dogs of all ages to eat potatoes, as long as the potatoes are fully cooked, 

Are cooked potatoes healthy for dogs? 

Yes, cooked potatoes are healthy for dogs because they are highly digestible and provide loads of energy if they are thoroughly cooked. This starchy veggie added to other cooked vegetables like carrots, pumpkin, and green leafy vegetables can make an excellent topping for kibble, and it can also be served alongside some of your dog’s other favorite foods. 

Can potatoes affect a dog’s mood? 

The foods your dog eats can help regulate your furry friend’s mood and emotions. Nutrients are the building blocks of happy hormones created in your furry friend’s gut. Every time your dog eats starchy carbs, its brain produces dopamine and serotonin. Those are happy hormones, serving two purposes. It soothes the dog’s mood and breaks down sugars to make the dog feel full for longer. The magnesium in potatoes also relieves anxiety in dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Potatoes Safely?

No, dogs should never eat raw potatoes. Potatoes contain a substance called solanine which is potentially toxic to dogs. The only way to reduce the solanine levels is to cook the potatoes before offering them to your dog.

Which parts of potatoes are unhealthy for dogs?

Raw potatoes and their skins contain solanine. Furthermore, the entire potato plant has this toxic substance. If you grow your own potatoes in a vegetable garden, ensure they are closed off with a secure fence, especially if your furry friend is a digger. Any bits of potato plant root, stem, or leaves can cause a toxic reaction in the dog. 

How to recognize solanine poisoning in your dog?

Look out for the following red flags if your dog dug up your potato plants or pinched a raw potato from the vegetable rack: vomiting, diarrhea, or other gastrointestinal distress. Other symptoms include lethargy, confusion, or weakness.

Can Dogs Eat Potato Chips Safely?

No, dogs can’t eat potato chips. Potato chips are salty and oily, making them unsuitable for dogs. Some chips may also contain onion, other spices, and even artificial flavorings considered toxic for dogs. Hence, it is best to avoid it and decline to share our bags of crispy chips with our beloved canine friends.

Can Dogs Eat French Fries Safely?

No, dogs should not eat french fries or chunky chips. A few fries once in a while will not be deadly, but your dog should not get its own share every time its family gets takeout. French fries are just the same as chips but thinner. Because they are thinner, the inner potato sucks up the oil in which it is prepared and becomes soaked with unhealthy oil. So while potato chips prepared in hot oil will always be unhealthy, the thinner french fries are the worst. Their fat and calorie content are significantly more than chunky potato chips.

Can Dogs Eat Potato Salad?

No, dogs cannot eat potato salad. Although boiled potatoes are safe for dogs to eat, everything else that makes it a salad could cause health issues. Other than boiled potatoes, potato salad usually contains a combination of ingredients like mustard, mayonnaise, boiled eggs, celery, onion, vinegar, herbs, bacon, and seasoning. Some of these ingredients in potato salad are toxic to dogs, which is why your dog should stay away from potato salad.

Can Dogs Eat Potato Bread?

It is not wise to feed puppies potato bread or any other type of bread too young, as they may not have the digestive system mature enough for it and might cause indigestion. Feeding them too much potato bread in a short period can also cause stomach problems for your pet. Adult dogs will not have issues digesting potato bread if the dog eats small portions.

What Else can Dogs Eat Together with Potatoes?

Dogs do not need potatoes, but some love potatoes. Dogs can safely eat potatoes as long as they are peeled and cooked thoroughly. Furthermore, potatoes are starchy and high in carbohydrates, so occasional potato treats are recommended instead of making them a part of a dog’s diet. Below is a list of other foods that can be served with potatoes for your dog.

Eggs: Never feed a dog raw eggs, as they may contain harmful bacteria that can make your pet ill. For a healthy treat, offer your dog some hardboiled eggs that have been cooked thoroughly. Some dogs enjoy starchy potatoes; although white potatoes are not as nutritious as sweet potatoes, chopped up with the hardboiled egg is safe for your dogs.

Gravy: Although most humans will not eat mashed potatoes without gravy, it could be toxic for dogs, depending on the ingredients of the gravy. Gravy is a sauce usually made up of fat, seasonings, and stock or animal juices. It is often high in salt, which is not recommended for dogs. It also commonly contains onion and garlic powder, both of which can be dangerous to canines. Make it separately without seasonings and fat if you want to give your dog gravy, making a veggie-based gravy may be a good idea.

Pumpkin: Cooked potato with pumpkin will provide your dog with the sweet fix they crave with the added bonuses of beta carotene and it will promote healthy digestion. can dogs eat pumpkin safely?

Salad: Potato and salad leaves are healthy treats for dogs. Lettuce of the romaine, arugula, and iceberg variety do not contain anything that can really harm your dog. It’s also a low-calorie snack that could be a good training treat for an overweight dog.

Carrots:  Combine the nutrients in potatoes and carrots for your dog as a health boost. They’re packed with vitamins and minerals, including beta-carotene (which is converted to vitamin a in the body), vitamin C,  vitamin B6, vitamin K, iron, magnesium, potassium, and fiber. Carrots are a low-calorie and fat-free sweet treat. however, avoid adding seasonings. These vitamins and minerals support your dog’s immune system, nervous system, nutrient absorption, and more.

What are the Recipes for Potatoes Dog Treats?

Before making your dog potato dog treats, consider the list of risks below.

  • Obese Dogs – Potatoes are a carbohydrate and therefore can be fattening. Do not feed obese dogs potatoes, resulting in further weight gain.
  • Diabetic Dogs – since potatoes are considered a carbohydrate, a diabetic dog’s blood sugar could be affected by large amounts of potatoes.
  • Heart Issues – Due to the recent study, dogs with underlying or pre-existing heart conditions should not be fed potatoes.

If your dog does not suffer any of those conditions, you might want to try these easy potato treats.

Potato and carrot balls: Mix 1 cup mashed potatoes and a medium shredded carrot with 1 egg yolk. Roll in small balls placed on a baking plate and bake it in a 400F preheated oven for 10 to 15 minutes.

Potato Oats Balls: Mix 1 mashed potato with 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil. Add rolled oats to reach a consistency for rolling balls or cutting into shapes. Use more oats to coat the balls or cookies. This can also be made by combining potatoes and pumpkin or sweet potatoes.

According to Dr. Danielle Bernal, a veterinarian with Wellness Natural Pet Food, potatoes are high digestible and good for energy. This starchy veggie is an excellent topping for kibble, and it can also be served alongside some of your dog’s other favorite foods. Leave the skin on, and you’ll be adding even more minerals and fiber to his meal. But before you give potatoes to your furry friend, you should make sure they are fully cooked, and this will ensure your pet can easily chew and digest them.

Below are three examples of premium dog foods containing potatoes.

  • Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
  • Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Open Prairie Recipe with Beef, Venison & Lamb Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
  • Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Turkey and Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food
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