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Boxers are friendly, bouncy, and smart canine companions of thousands of families. If you own one, you might have questions about how to choose the best dog food for Boxers. However, there are several aspects to consider, such as what you can expect from this breed. Boxers have various health concerns, nutritional requirements, and more.

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to your question about the best dog food. Even within a breed, every dog is unique, and there is no single food that works for all dogs. You will have to research and even try different brands before finding the food that is right for your Boxer. In this article, Dog Food Care will guide you through the process and explain the different factors to consider.

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Health Issues to Consider When Choosing the Best Dog Food

Boxers are part of a group of dogs called Brachycephalic breeds. These are dogs with a wide, short head, causing a snub nose, coupled with problems when they eat. Other brachycephalic breeds, include Pugs, French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, and Bulldogs.

When they eat, their noses get pressed up against the food or the bowl’s wall, for this reason, it restricts the airflow even more. Due to that, choking is such a big issue in our furry friends with smooshed faces. Their large gulps of food and air simultaneously also explain the frequent cute but stinky farts we know them for. It has to come out somewhere.

Another potential concern related to feeding your Boxer is their chances of becoming obese. Boxers tend to miss their bodies’ signals telling them that they’re full. If their owners don’t monitor them, they will over-eat, and they are not fussy. They will eat anything they can fit into their mouth.

Because Boxers always seem hungry. Dividing their daily food into three meals–breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A regular feeding schedule has proved to help prevent obesity in dogs. Moreover, three meals per day will help keep your pup full throughout the day. Boxers are sensitive to various foods, making the best dog food choices more challenging. 

Please be careful what you feed your Boxer because they are more fragile than most other breeds. Be alert for any signs of allergic reactions, and discuss them with your vet sooner rather than later.

What are the Six Essential Nutrients your Boxer Needs?

Before discussing Dog Food Care’s recommended dry, low-fat, fresh and healthy dog foods, let’s look at your Boxer’s nutrient needs. When buying dog food, you have likely often looked at the labels wishing you knew what it all meant. Many dog food labels say “Complete and Balanced,” but what is required for dog food to be complete and balanced? 

Complete and balanced means the manufacturer formulated the quality food to meet the nutrient levels established by AAFCO. The standards include food formulated for a particular life stage or all life stages.‍ Complete and balanced says you can feed only this food, and your dog will get all the required nutrients. Below is a list of the six essential nutrients required in the best dog foods for Boxers. 


70% to 80% of your Boxer’s mature body weight is water. It’s essential to make sure your dog has access to an adequate, clean water supply daily. Dogs should drink approximately one ounce of water per pound of body weight each day. Without sufficient water, your dog’s body will be unable to maintain critical bodily functions shown below.

  • Dissolve and transport nutrients to cells
  • Regulate body temperature 
  • Digest foods
  • Flush away waste, and much more.


Your Boxer’s body uses 23 amino acids to build tissues. However, your canine companion’s body can only produce 13 of those on its own. The remaining 10 amino acids must come from proteins in the dog’s diet. They are:

  • Arginine 
  • Histidine 
  • Isoleucine 
  • Leucine 
  • Lysine 
  • Methionine 
  • Phenylalanine 
  • Threonine 
  • Tryptophan 
  • Valine 

Ensure your dog is fueling their day and body with enough protein. The best dog foods must have natural, high-quality proteins as the first ingredient.


Fatty acids, as they are called when talking about dietary needs, are essential for energy. Moreover, they promote skin and coat health. Dogs cannot produce essential fatty acids and rely on you to include them in their diets to maintain optimal health. Some essential fatty acids for your dog are:

  • Linoleic acid
  • Omega-6
  • Omega-3


Carbs are necessary to power the tissues in your dog’s body and for healthy digestion. Carbohydrates are plant-based, coming from grains, barley, brown rice, whole corn, potatoes, etc. It provides the dog’s body with

  • Sugars
  • Starches
  • Fiber


Proper growth and health maintenance are impossible without including vitamins in your Boxer’s diet. Vitamins support many critical roles in your dog’s diet. The best dog foods for Boxers are the ones that meet the AAFCO standards for complete and balanced meals. Those are the ones that will ensure your K9 companion receives most of the vitamins necessary to maintain health. 

  • Vitamin D helps to regulate calcium and phosphorus levels 
  • Vitamin A helps to boost the immune system 
  • Vitamin E and C serve as antioxidants 
  • Vitamin K helps with blood clots and 
  • Vitamin B12 helps maintain a healthy nervous system. 


Like vitamins, minerals support several critical roles in your dog’s diet. General functions of minerals include bone and cartilage formation, hormone regulation, oxygen flow, and nerve and muscle function. Recipes with chelated minerals promote mineral attachment to proteins for maximized absorption during the digestive process. Below are some specific attributes of essential minerals for your dog. 

  • Calcium and phosphorus comprise a large portion of bone matter 
  • Iron helps to carry oxygen through the body 
  • Zinc supports proper wound healing 
  • Selenium helps provide antioxidant support 
  • Sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium help with nerve transmission and fluid balance.

What to look for on your dog food labels

When looking for the best dog foods for Boxers, there are some ingredients you want to see on the list. However, there are also ingredients you would rather not see on the ingredient labels. Your Boxer’s food labels show what ingredients it contains and the percentage of essential nutrients in each bag.

The label shows the ingredients listed from highest to lowest content by weight and the percentage it represents. The first 5 ingredients make up 80% of the food, preferably with the whole protein as number one. Studying the ingredients list will help you understand what you feed your dog.

Another part of the information on dog food labels is the Guaranteed Analysis (GA). It is the nutrient profile found on the back of the bag or can. GA’s divulge the diet’s basic nutrient composition regarding minimum crude protein, minimum crude fat, and maximum crude fiber. GA’s let you know the proportions of protein, fat, fiber, etc. in your pup’s food.

The Name Game When Decoding The Label

The first five or 10 ingredients on the list will give you a good idea about the ingredient quality. You always want to see the protein listed in the first position, and then it must be the real thing. The list appears with Ingredients listed in descending order by weight.

So, beef must be number one on the list if you buy a bag of kibble called Beef Dog Food. As per the FDA, it must make up 95% of the product. However, in some cases, the primary protein can be as low as 25%. That is allowed if the dog food’s label says, “Beef Dinner,” “Beef Recipe,” “Beef Flavor,” or similar descriptions. 

What you want to see on your Boxer’s dog food labels

  • Real meat is the first ingredient 
  • Fillers, if any, (corn, wheat, soy) should be listed low on the ingredients list. 
  • If a “meal” is listed, be sure it’s from a specific source like chicken meal, beef meal, or salmon meal. Unspecified meals, like poultry meal, fish meal, etc., leave you guessing as to the source of the meal. A meal is not a bad thing because they are significantly more concentrated than a fresh product. The source product is dehydrated and worked into a fine meal, losing no nutrients in the boiling process. However, you want to know what the source product was.
  • Specific meat by-products like chicken-byproducts or beef by-products are high in nutritional value and generally not an issue. However, watch out for general statements like by-product meals, as these are lower in quality, and could include anything. Similarly, the fat content in a dog food recipe is important. However, specified fats like chicken fat instead of poultry fat don’t leave the dog owner guessing the fat source. Only healthy fats are acceptable.

What you don’t want to see on your Boxer’s dog food label

  • A name containing “with” or “flavor,” like “with beef,” or “beef-flavored,” as this indicates a small percentage of real meat. 
  • Ingredient splitting involves the same ingredient listed multiple times using different names. For example, whole rice, white rice, brown rice, rice flour and rice bran, are all forms of rice listed separately. Manufacturers use this tactic to hide high levels of unwanted ingredients by splitting them into different terms. Likewise, when manufacturers try to hide high filler contents. These include corn, cornmeal, and ground corn. If shown under one name, they might even exceed the amount of the primary protein source at number one on the ingredients list.
  • Fillers in foods and treats or too many fillers in dog food may not be biologically appropriate for your Boxers.
  • The best dog foods for Boxers should not include artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

When are ingredients fillers?

In most dog foods, especially kibble, added ingredients help your dog feel full but provide little nutritional value. Usually, fillers are bulky, starchy and carbohydrate-rich ingredients, which the manufacturer could have replaced with healthier, more natural ingredients.

Typically, these products are cheap, and help manufacturers keep costs low. Some common fillers in commercial dog foods are so cheap that they will irritate your dog, causing food allergies or sensitivities. There is no official list of fillers, and what some dog owners regard as fillers, others believe to be healthy. Examples include corn, wheat, rice, unspecified by-products, potato protein, pea protein, and more. Grain-free dog food will not include ingredients like wheat, rice, corn, barley, oats, soy, or rye. However, it might still contain carbs such as lentils, sweet potatoes, quinoa, or flaxseed.

Top Picks of Dog Foods for your Boxer

After reviewing many dog food brands, Dog Food Care recommends those that stood out as the best dog foods for Boxers.

  • Best Kibble Overall: Whole Earth Farms Adult Recipe Dry Dog Food with Whole Grains $51.98 per 25-lb bag = $2.07-lb
  • Best Kibble for Senior Boxers: CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE Senior Limited Ingredient $64.58 per 24-lb bag = $2.69-lb
  • Best Kibble for Weight Management: ORIJEN Fit & Trim Grain-Free $99.99 per 25-lb bag = $3.99-lb
  • Best Kibble for Puppies: Now Fresh Grain-Free Puppy Recipe $92.99 per 22-lb bag = $4.22-lb
  • Best Price-Effective Kibble: Taste of the Wild Ancient Prairie with Ancient Grains $54.99 per 28-lb bag = $1.96-lb
  • 2nd Choice Adult Grain-Free Kibble: Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Grain-Free Great Plains Red Recipe $81.98 per 20-lb bag = $4.10-lb
  • 2nd Choice Puppy Food—Wet: Wellness Complete Health Just for Puppy Canned Dog Food packed 12 × 12.5-oz $44.16 per case = $3.68 per can

1. Whole Earth Farms Adult Recipe Dry Dog Food with Whole Grains

Whole Earth Farms® is backed by nutritional pioneers in the pet food industry. As a brand within the Merrick Pet Care and Nestlé Purina PetCare family,  Whole Earth claims to focus on high-quality protein sources first, along with a Wholesome Harvest Blend of field-grown fruits and vegetables, for optimal nutrition.

Brachycephalic dogs like Boxers often have breathing issues, typically worse at mealtimes. This Whole Earth Farms adult dog food is crafted with a smaller kibble size for easy eating. This meal packs protein to help support your Boxer’s strong muscles. It contains a Wholesome Harvest Blend that delivers omega fatty acids for skin and coat health. The formula contains antioxidants for a healthy immune system. Therefore, you can have peace of mind knowing that this natural dog food has zero corn, wheat, and soy. The recipe has no additives like artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, fillers, and animal by-product meals.

Dog Food Care highly recommends this exceptional product as the Best; Dry Dog Food for Boxers at an affordable price.

  • First 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Meal, Rice, Barley, Pork Meal
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 25% min, Crude Fat 14% min, Crude Fiber 4.5% Max
  • Calories: 372 kcal per 8-oz cup
  • Suitable for which dogs: Adults of all breeds, like Boxers, Bulldogs, and Pugs
  • Feeding: Boxers only reach adulthood at around 15 to 24 months, by which time they weigh 60 to 70 pounds. Boxers in that weight range should get 3½  to 4 ½ cups per day.
  • Key Benefit: Developed by vets and nutrition experts, this grain-inclusive, chicken dog food recipe features glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health.
  • Price: $51.98 per 25-lb bag = $2.07-lb

2. CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE Senior Limited Ingredient

Canidae is a family-owned company, founded in 1996 by owners Scott Whipple and John Gordon. Along with the introduction of its farm, located in Kansas, USA, Canidae also operates a cooking facility and distribution center in Texas, USA.

Canidae Grain-Free Pure Senior Limited Ingredient Chicken, Sweet Potato & Garbanzo Bean Recipe Dry Dog Food. Formulated with just nine wholesome ingredients and no corn, soy, wheat, grain or artificial anything, this recipe has everything your senior dog needs to thrive and nothing he doesn’t. Protein-rich chicken is the first ingredient, for healthy muscle tone as your best friend ages, with wholesome veggies in the mix to provide the whole food energy and nutrition he needs. Probiotics for digestive health, antioxidants for good immunity as well as vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids give your pal all the tools he needs to age gracefully and without pain.

Dog Food Care highly recommends this exceptional Canidae product as the best dry dog food for senior Boxers.

  • First 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Sweet Potatoes, Garbanzo Beans
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 28% min, Crude Fat 10% min, Crude Fiber 5% Max
  • Calories: 409 kcal per 8-oz cup
  • Suitable for which dogs: Seniors of all breeds.
  • Feeding: 3½  to 4 cups per day.
  • Key Benefit:
  • Fortified after cooking with Canidae’s HealthPLUS blend of probiotics, antioxidants, and omega-3 and 6 fatty acids.
  • Price: $64.58 per 24-lb bag = $2.69-lb

3. ORIJEN Fit & Trim Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Champion Pet Food, based in Alberta, owns Orijen and Acana.  Reinhard Muhlenfeld founded the company in 1985.  He is a premium pet food maker of dog foods available in almost 100 countries around the globe.

This scrumptious kibble optimizes support of lean muscle mass and support peak physical conditioning. It has the most nutrient-dense and succulent parts of the prey.  Furthermore, this recipe contains WholePrey animal ingredients, including organs and bone, delivering 85% quality animal ingredients. And this dog food is coated with freeze-dried liver for the raw flavor dogs love

Boxers are prone to weight gain and obesity if their owners don’t manage their diets carefully. Each ORIJEN dog food recipe provides a strong source of essential protein, vitamins, and minerals in their most nourishing forms. It’s a high-protein diet designed to assist in weight management. The L-carnitine in the meat is important for heart and brain function, muscle movement, and many other body processes.

Dog Food Care recommends Orijen Fit & Trim as the best dog food for Boxers prone to weight gain.

  • First 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Liver, Turkey Giblets (Liver, Heart, Gizzard), Turkey, Cod,
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 42% min, Crude Fat 18% min, Crude Fiber 8% Max
  • Calories: 401 kcal per 8-oz cup
  • Suitable for which dogs: Adults of all breeds like Boxers, Labrador Retrievers and even Shih Tzus.
  • Feeding: 2 to 2½ 8-oz cups of food per day for an adult Boxer’s lean weight maintenance. Adult Boxers with weight problems should eat 1¾ to 2¼  cup of Orijen Fit & Trim per day.
  • Key Benefits: Ideal for weight loss in overweight Boxers.
  • Price: $99.99 per 25-lb bag = $3.99-lb

4. Now Fresh Grain-Free Puppy Recipe Dry Dog Food

NOW Fresh is a part of Petcurean, a Canadian company that began in 1999. Petcurean takes pride in creating exceptional pet foods with fresh and high-quality ingredients. The ingredients not only meet, but also exceed, the dog health requirements in the pet food industry.

Now Fresh Grain-Free Breed Puppy Recipe is a high-priced dog food with exceptional quality. It has zero controversial ingredients and additives like artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. The food has well-balanced amounts of protein, fat, and carbs with excellent meat and fat quality.

It contains no meat by-products or meat meals, and features omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. It is crafted with only fresh deboned meats and fish for protein. Premium-quality turkey is the first ingredient, plus fresh salmon and duck. The balanced protein, fat, and minerals support growing puppies. Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA, and EPA support healthy brain and heart development, while prebiotics and fiber-rich pumpkin support healthy digestion.

Dog Food Care highly recommends this exceptional puppy kibble formula; however, it may not fall into every dog daddy’s budget.

  • First 5 Ingredients: Deboned Turkey, Peas, Potatoes, Whole Dried Egg, Potato Flour
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 28% min, Crude Fat 18% min, Crude Fiber 3.5% Max
  • Calories: 414 kcal per 8-oz cup
  • Suitable for which dogs: Puppies of all dog breeds can eat Now Fresh dog food, especially brachycephalic breeds like Boxers, Bulldogs, and Boston Terriers.
  • Feeding: At about 6 months, your Boxer puppy should weigh between 40 and 50 pounds. The suggested portion is 3 to 4½ 8-oz cups of food.
  • Key Benefit: The fresh ingredients are cooked only once at the lowest temperature possible to preserve their nutrients and natural flavor.
  • Price: $92.99 per 10-lb bag = $4.22-lb

5. Taste of the Wild Ancient Prairie with Ancient Grains Dry Dog Food

Diamond Pet Foods in Meta, Missouri makes Taste of the Wild dog food. The Diamond company-owned plants in South Carolina, Arkansas, California, and Missouri manufacture all their dry foods. Diamond Foods were established in Missouri in 1970.

An affordable balanced diet with ingredients straight from nature with Taste of the Wild Ancient Prairie Dry Dog Food. A tasty duo of pasture-raised, roasted bison, and venison, offering your pup a highly digestible protein and flavor he loves. Formulated with a combination of whole grains like millet, quinoa, chia seed and sorghum for overall health. It is completely free of corn, wheat, fillers, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Dog Food Care feels confident to recommend Taste of the Wild Ancient Prairie Dry Dog Food. This product is ideal for Boxer owners who seek the best dog food for Boxers at an affordable price.

  • First 5 Ingredients: Water Buffalo, Pork, Chicken Meal, Grain Sorghum, Millet
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 32% min, Crude Fat 18% min, Crude Fiber 3% Max
  • Calories: 445 kcal per 8-oz cup
  • Suitable for which dogs: Ideal for normally active small and large breeds like Boxers, Pekingese, Bulldogs and other brachycephalic breed dogs.
  • Feeding: Feed your healthy, active, adult Boxer 3½ to 4 8-oz cups per day. It is best divided into two or three meals to prevent bloat.
  • Key Benefit: Real meat is the #1 ingredient and 32% protein help support bones, joints, and lean muscles.
  • Price: $54.99 per 28-lb Bag = $1.96-lb

6. Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Grain-Free Great Plains Red Recipe 

Garth Merrick founded Merrick Pet Care over 30 years ago, in 1988, in his family’s kitchen in Hereford, Texas. Then in 2015, Nestlé Purina PetCare Company acquired Merrick Pet Care in a buyout agreement. The company is a leading producer of natural and organic pet foods, and Merrick’s foods are made in the USA.

Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Grain-Free Great Plains Red Recipe is freeze-dried dry food. It features a high-protein content with real deboned beef as the first ingredient. The L-carnitine in the meat is important for heart and brain function, muscle movement, and many other body processes. It’s combined with lamb and rabbit in a protein-rich and highly digestible poultry-free formula. It contains freeze-dried raw-coated kibble and freeze-dried raw bites to give your buddy all the benefits of a raw diet. The high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids help promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. Glucosamine and chondroitin support hip and joint function. It promotes healthy muscles in your Boxer, and maintains a high level of energy throughout the day.

This Merrick Backcountry kibble deserves Dog Food Care’s recommendation for the best grain-free dog food for boxers.

  • First 5 Ingredients: Deboned Beef, Lamb Meal, Salmon Meal, Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 38% min, Crude Fat 17% min, Crude Fiber 3.5% Max
  • Calories: 392 kcal per 8-oz cup
  • Suitable for which dogs: All large breed adult dogs with grain sensitivities, regardless of breed.
  • Feeding: 3 to 3½ 8-oz cups per day, divided into two or three meals to prevent bloat.
  • Key Benefit: High-Protein, chicken-Free, allergen-free, grain-free, gluten-free, raw real meat sources
  • Price: $81.98 per 20-lb bag = $4.00-lb

7. Wellness Complete Health Just for Puppy Canned Dog Food

This dog food is manufactured by Wellpet LLC, headquartered in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, founded in 1926. Wellness uses minimum ingredients but aims for maximum nutrition while ensuring that its recipes care for those with sensitive stomachs.

This natural, canned wet food for Boxer puppies packs protein and veggies to keep your precious puppy thriving. It provides whole-body health with nutrient-rich ingredients that support a strong immune system. The recipe provides optimal energy levels, digestive function and a healthy coat and skin. This pate-style wet dog food features a savory taste and mouthwatering texture that dogs love. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that your doggy dude needs. It is formulated by nutritionists, veterinarians, and animal lovers using nature’s finest ingredients.

Dog Food Care recommends Wellness Complete Health Just for Puppy canned food as the best wet food option for Boxer puppies.

  • First 5 Ingredients: Chicken Broth, Chicken, Chicken Liver, Salmon, Ground Barley
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 9% min, Crude Fat 6% min, Crude Fiber 1% Max
  • Calories: 434 kcal per 8-oz cup
  • Suitable for which dogs: Puppies of all breeds, including Boxer pups.
  • Feeding: Feed 1 can (12.5 oz) for every 15 lbs of body weight per day. When used as a topper, reduce kibble by ⅓ cup for every 6 oz of wet food.
  • Key Benefit: This product has no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. It has well-balanced amounts of protein, fat and carbs, with an excellent quality of meat and fat.
  • Price: $44.16 for12 x 12.5-oz = $3.68-can

What type of diet is perfect for your Boxer?

You know your Boxer best, and you want to know that his diet is high-quality and packed with nutrients. Therefore, you don’t have to feed more to get the benefits. Below is a list of different diet options for Boxers.

  • Kibble Diet 

A kibble diet is dog food that is processed and cooked and comes in many varieties. By law, it must be a balanced diet and meet the dog’s nutritional needs. Dry dog foods should have necessary ingredients such as animal protein, grains, cereals, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in particular proportions.

  • Wet or “canned” dog food

Canned dog food has a higher moisture content, which may be a good choice for dogs with a medical condition that could benefit from proper hydration, like a history of urinary or kidney disease. Furthermore, canned dog food is often more aromatic and flavorful when compared to dry food. Hence, it may entice sick or older dogs with a decreased appetite to eat. Moreover, dogs with dental disease or other oral abnormalities may find wet food easier to chew than dry food. Besides, many dog owners use canned foods as toppers with kibble.

  • Raw Diet

Human-grade food made with high-quality ingredients help build strong immunity and increased vitality. The protein and natural antioxidants in high-quality, fresh food also help fight ailments and illness. The high temperatures during the cooking process of commercial dry food destroy natural nutrients. Contrarily, raw diets do not lose nutrients.

  • Home-Cooked Diet

 Interestingly, many dog owners prepare home-cooked foods for dogs with health problems. It is based on the nutritional needs and health issues of the dog. Home-cooked diets require dietary supplements to meet the dog’s dietary requirements. Therefore, Boxer parents feeding home-cooked diets should seek the guidance and care of a veterinary nutritionist.

What is the Ideal Daily Calorie Intake for Boxers?

Boxer puppies’ owners want to ensure that the pup has the proper calorie intake for a growing body. Adolescent Boxer dogs may have a skinny phase that prompts owners to wonder about this. For adults and for seniors, owners wonder if metabolism and activity changes equal fewer or more calories per day. It’s important to understand that several things significantly affect how many calories a dog requires. There are 5 main elements to consider:

Age, weight, activity level, muscle ratio, and overall health status.

As a general guideline, growing large breed dog puppies like Boxer puppies require 55 calories for each pound of body weight. Most importantly, adults require slightly less, and seniors significantly less than 55 per pound of body weight.

Are There Foods to Avoid for Brachycephalic Dogs like Boxers?

Brachycephalic dogs are those with condensed snouts that often cause respiratory distress. Some brachycephalic breeds include:

  • Boston Terriers
  • English Bulldogs
  • French Bulldogs
  • Boxers
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
  • Shar-Pei
  • English Mastiff
  • Shih Tzu
  • Pekingese

The anatomy of brachycephalic dogs can present issues and hamper clear easy breathing. Hence, their upper airways’ structure prevents air from passing freely through the trachea.

Brachycephalic dogs have small mouths and frequently have teeth overlapping, since some baby teeth do not fall out. Tartar tends to build up quickly, with the resulting problems of gingivitis and other mouth disorders. They suffer from dental malocclusion and may have difficulty chewing their food.

Furthermore, the anatomy of brachycephalic dogs causes their small nostrils to press against the food bowl wall when they eat. Hence, they are more likely to inhale through their mouths while eating. That makes them swallow a lot of air, explaining their frequent farting after meals. At the same time, tiny particles of food can enter the trachea when they inhale while eating.

Bottom Line: Although Boxers and other brachycephalic dogs can eat most of the foods other dogs eat, their people-parents should monitor them closely during meal times to act if anything goes wrong.

Have we helped you understand what is important in selecting the best dog food for Boxers?

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