Solid Gold Dog Food Review, Rating & Recalls

solid gold dog food

Is Solid Gold a good dog food?

The brand is known for holistic nutrition, immune system-boosting ingredients, and even Instagram-worthy packaging. But, is the brand really as good as it’s cracked up to be?

In this review, Dog Food Care takes a closer look at Solid Gold Dog Food, including its most important sub-brands and online product offerings.

We’ll also cover…

  1. Is Solid Gold made in the United States?
  2. Has Solid Gold been recalled?
  3. Which flavors and recipes get our top ratings

Which Solid Gold Sub-Brand Is Right For You?

Here are Solid Gold’s 4 sub-brands and our top 2 picks. Below, we’ll share what makes each one different, so you can choose which one is best for your dog.

Best Overall
Solid Gold - Sunday Sunrise Dry Dog Food - Lamb, Sweet Potato & Pea Recipe, Grain Free & Gluten Free

Solid Gold - Sunday Sunrise Dry Dog Food - Lamb, Sweet Potato & Pea Recipe, Grain Free & Gluten Free

  • Recipe is packed with high-protein lamb and superfood blend
  • Live probiotics and omega fatty acids aid in digestion and supports immune health
  • Delicious blend of lamb, sweet potatoes and peas
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Lowest Price
Solid Gold - Star Chaser with Real Chicken - Natural Wet Dog Food

Solid Gold - Star Chaser with Real Chicken - Natural Wet Dog Food

  • Fresh chicken mixed with brown rice and vegetables
  • Great option for dogs who are picky eaters
  • Contains 90 million live probiotics per pound of dog food
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Best Overall
1. Solid Gold Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Each recipe contains Solid Gold’s signature blend of all-natural superfood ingredients plus meat as the first ingredient.  It has everything your dog needs and nothing of what it doesn’t need such as fillers and artificial ingredients.

Solid Gold - Sunday Sunrise Dry Dog Food - Lamb, Sweet Potato & Pea Recipe, Grain Free & Gluten Free
  • Recipe is packed with high-protein lamb and superfood blend
  • Live probiotics and omega fatty acids aid in digestion and supports immune health
  • Delicious blend of lamb, sweet potatoes and peas
  • 14 recipes (ratings vary)
  • Different recipes with unique options for puppies, seniors, weight control, sensitive stomach, and high-protein diets
  • Nutritionally dense for dog owners and flavor-dense for dogs

Lowest Price
2. Solid Gold Whole Grain Inclusive Wet Dog Food

The Whole Grain wet product line contains almost all of the same benefits as the Whole Grain dry food but in an even easier-to-digest wet formula.

Solid Gold - Grain Inclusive Chicken - Natural Wet Dog Food
  • Fresh chicken mixed with brown rice and vegetables
  • Great option for dogs who are picky eaters
  • Contains 90 million live probiotics per pound of dog food
  • 2 recipes (ratings vary)
  • The limited ingredients in this wet dog food are straightforward
  • The wet formula is water-dense yet filled with only the best proteins, carbs, and superfoods


3. Solid Gold Whole Grain Inclusive Dry Dog Food

The Whole Grain dry product line contains only the highest quality whole-grain carbohydrates.  There’s a great balance of carbs, fats, and protein while still incorporating Solid Gold’s signature superfood ingredient blend.  The grains in their food are all gluten-free.

  • 11 recipes (ratings vary)
  • Whole grains are high-fiber which eases digestion and allows your dog to absorb nutrients
  • A balance of complex carbs and protein fuels dogs with energy


4. Solid Gold Grain-Free Wet Dog Food

   The Grain-Free wet food has almost all of the same benefits as the Grain-Free dry food but in an even easier-to-digest wet formula. 

  • 11 recipes (ratings vary)
  • Real sustainably-sourced meat is always the first ingredient
  • Water-dense to ensure that your dog is getting enough hydration

Who Makes Solid Gold Dog Food?

Solid Gold Dog Food is the brainchild of the brand’s animal-loving founder, Sissy Harrington McGill.  In 1974, she decided she wanted to give her dogs the best in nutrition.  So, she set out to do just that by creating her own brand of food.

Her first-ever recipe was the Hund-N-Flocken recipe, which is still produced today. While many years have passed since its founding and the brand is now referred to as Solid Gold Pet, the company maintains the same devotion to producing high-quality pet food.

They emphasize quality, holistic nutrition that is good for digestion above all else.  In addition to dog food, they also produce dog treats and cat food. All of Solid Gold’s Dog Food products are made and manufactured in the USA.  The company is based out of Chesterfield, Missouri. 

In November of 2020, the brand was acquired by a Hong Kong-based company called Health & Happiness Group International Holdings.

Has Solid Gold Dog Food Been Recalled?

Since its founding more than 45 years ago, Solid Gold has only had one recall. In 2012, Solid Gold voluntarily recalled two batches of its dry dog food (5/7/2012) over an FDA-declared industry-wide Salmonella bacteria outbreak.  The batches that Solid Gold recalled included the Wolf Cub and Wolf King formulas.

Despite the recall that was made out of an abundance of caution, none of Solid Gold’s products tested positive for Salmonella.  And, zero complaints were made about the dog food. 

You can view a list of dog food recalls since 2019 here on Dog Food Care. Make sure to regularly check the list to ensure that your dog’s food hasn’t been recalled. 

Individual Recipe Ratings

Most of Solid Gold’s products can be found at in-store locations and more conveniently on Amazon.  Below, we’ve compiled a list of the brand’s current product listings on Amazon along with their star ratings. Use the following links to check prices and package sizes on Amazon. 

Dry Grain-Free Formulas

Wet Grain-Free Formulas

Dry Whole Grain-Inclusive Formulas

Wet Whole Grain-Inclusive Formulas

Recipe Ingredient Analysis

The Grain-Free Sun Dancer Complete Health – Chicken, Tapioca & Turmeric Dry Dog Food was selected to act as a representative for our recipe content analysis.  This recipe’s ingredients are organized based on their overall weight in the formula. 

These weights include each ingredient’s water content. The first ingredient in the formula is real meat chicken, an excellent source of protein.  Solid Gold uses only all-natural, cage-free chickens in their food.  It’s important to note that real chicken contains up to 73% water, which can affect its overall weight significantly in the formula. 

Since much of that moisture is lost during cooking, the chicken may contribute less to the recipe’s protein content than initially thought. The second ingredient is chicken meal, a chicken meat concentrate.  Chicken concentrates, including chicken meals, contain nearly 300% more protein than fresh chicken. 

They’re also a great source of glucosamine, a cartilage building block. Third on the ingredient list is tapioca.  Tapioca is a starchy root vegetable similar to potatoes, but with a much higher nutritional value.  In dog food, tapioca helps create a good texture on the kibble while providing many different vitamins and minerals as well as fiber.

Fourth on the ingredient list is fresh peas.  Peas are a great plant-based source of protein.  While they don’t have the same biological value as animal sources of protein, they’re still very healthy for dogs. Ocean fish meal is the fifth ingredient in the formula. 

While it probably doesn’t sound all that appetizing, it is very nutritious for dogs. It’s high in both protein and omega fatty acids. The next ingredient is chicken fat, another ingredient that probably doesn’t sound all that appetizing.  Despite that, dogs love the taste, and dog owners love that it contains healthy linoleic acid.

Dried tomato pomace is the seventh ingredient.  It is high in soluble fiber, which promotes a healthy digestive tract.  Plus, tomatoes contain many healthy antioxidants which help ward off diseases in dogs. Quinoa is the eighth ingredient and it’s an amazing superfood for both dogs and humans alike. 

It provides energy from complex carbohydrates, lots of protein, and fiber.  Overall, it’s one of the best non-meat ingredients you could have in dog food. The ninth ingredient is ground flaxseed, one of the best plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids. 

Flaxseeds help promote a healthy gut environment.  A healthy gut means that your dog has the optimal level of good bacteria.  These healthy bacteria ensure proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. The tenth and final main ingredient is natural flavors, a bit of a controversial one. 

The AAFCO defines natural flavors as “materials treated with heat, enzymes, and/or acids to form concentrated natural flavors”.  More often than not, these natural flavors are derived from organic meat broths and are very safe for dogs.  

Unfortunately, Solid Gold does not disclose what it means by “natural flavors”.  But, given the brand’s commitment to healthy and organic ingredients, we assume that they are using only healthy and safe natural flavor ingredients.

Other Notable Ingredients

Following the main ingredients are several supplementary ingredients. To be realistic, ingredients located this far down the list (other than nutritional supplements) are not likely to affect the macronutrient (fats, carbs, protein) levels in the food.

Nonetheless, they can add some extra nutritional value to the food. The first of those being chia seeds.  Chia seeds are another superfood ingredient.  Just in terms of vitamins and minerals, they contain high amounts of magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium. All of which dogs need. 

The next highly notable ingredient is turmeric.  Turmeric has so many health benefits.  It’s anti-inflammatory, helps fight diseases like cancer, and eases joint pain. Right after turmeric is salmon oil, one of the healthiest oils and ingredients in dog food.  It far outdoes other oils like canola oil, which is commonly used in dog food. 

Salmon oil is very high in omega fatty acids, which promote good skin, heart, and brain health.  Overall, it’s one of the best ingredients for good dog health. Scattered throughout the label are several antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies. 

They include carrots, blueberries, and cranberries.  Antioxidants protect your dog from free radicals.  Free radicals cause countless diseases in dogs from cancer to heart disease.  One of the best ways to protect your dog from these free radicals is to give them antioxidant-rich foods like the ones in this formula.

Nutrient Summary

This summary’s nutrient data is based on the product’s dry matter content.  We used the guaranteed analysis panel to compare the protein, fat, fiber, and moisture content of pet food products.  Due to the impact of moisture in these calculations, it’s difficult to compare wet and dry dog food products. 

As such, this information should be primarily used in comparison to other dry, kibble-based formulas. The Grain-Free Sun Dancer Complete Health – Chicken, Tapioca & Turmeric Dry Dog Food has a dry matter protein reading of 31% protein, 18% fats, and estimated carbohydrates of about 34%. 

That makes its fat-to-protein ratio about 58%. This recipe contains 31% protein, which is considered high in dog foods.  The protein comes from real meats, meat concentrates, and plant sources of protein.  This formula isn’t the only one in the product line that is higher in protein; most in the brand are high-protein as well.

In terms of fats, this formula gets fats from great sources like salmon oil and flaxseed, both of which are some of the best ingredients you could add to dog food.  In terms of carbs, they’re mostly from complex carbohydrates like quinoa.  These complex carbs are great for high-energy dogs.

Our Rating of Solid Gold Dog Food

In conclusion, Dog Food Care finds Solid Gold to be an above-average dog food brand.  Thus, we give it an overall rating of 5 stars. With both grain-free and grain-inclusive options as well as dry and canned options, the brand has something for every dog. 

And, each of their formulas has a fantastic ingredient list.  They incorporate a variety of real meats, fruits, veggies, and a multitude of supplements.  When grains are used, they’re high-quality whole grains that provide the most energy.

What Do Others Say About Solid Gold?

At the time of this update, customers on Amazon have many positive things to say about Solid Gold products.  For example, the Grain-Free Sun Dancer Complete Health currently has 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Here’s an actual buyer review:

“My elderly lab was having trouble with her coat and with weight gain. I switched to the Solid Gold Chicken and Tapioca (grain-free) and WOW! what a difference it has made on my dog’s coat and overall health. Worth every penny! Nutrient-dense so my dog eats less and has plenty of energy.“

Read more buyer reviews on

Frequently Asked Questions About Solid Gold

1. Is Solid Gold Dog Food good for seniors and puppies?

Solid Gold has some formulas designed to meet the specific needs of senior dogs and puppies. Additionally, many of the brand’s other dog foods are listed by the AAFCO as being good for All Life Stages. Therefore, it would be appropriate to feed your senior or puppy dog these formulas.

2. Is Solid Gold considered a healthy dog food?

Yes!  Solid Gold is an overall very healthy dog food brand as its formulas contain high-quality ingredients that promote health and wellness. Among its healthy ingredients are real meat and meat concentrates, fruits, veggies, and supplements including pre and probiotics.

In addition to having all of the good ingredients, Solid Gold has very few to zero bad ingredients.  By bad ingredients, we’re talking about preservatives, animal by-products, and additives just to name a few. So, if you want healthy dog food, then we highly recommend checking out Solid Gold.

Final Thoughts

Solid Gold is a dog food brand that we at Dog Food Care highly recommend you check out.  With excellent ingredients, only one recall in the past, top-rated reviews online, and a multitude of options to choose from, it’s hard to pass it up.

Bonus tip: Ready to transition your dog to a Solid Gold formula?  Here’s exactly how to switch from one food to another without any problems!


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