How Big Do Shar Pei Dogs Get?

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Is a Shar-Pei your ideal dog size?

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How big is a full-grown Shar-Pei?

On average, a fully grown  Shar-Pei stands between 17-20 inches in height  with a weight of 40-65 pounds. 

Shar-Pei appearance

Shar-Peis have massive folds of skin, little ears perched on top of a huge, strong skull with a short nose and purple tongue plus a thick round tail over their backs.

When Is A Shar Pei Fully Grown?

By 16 months of age, the average Shar-Pei will have reached full adult size

Average Height and Weight by Age: What to Expect?








3 Months


21-25 lbs


16-21 lbs

6 Months


40-47 lbs


30-40 lbs

12 Months


53-62 lbs


39-52 lbs

14-18 Months


55-65 lbs


40-55 lbs

Factors That Can Affect the Size of Shar-Pei

  • Genetics: How big or small a puppy will grow largely depends on the size of its parents.
  • Health condition: Dogs with health issues as a result of diseases may be negatively affected in terms of size
  • Diet/ Nutrition: Lack of proper or insufficient feeding negatively impacts the health and consequently size of a dog 

At What Age Do Shar-Pei Stop Growing?

Shar-Pei dogs, According to vets and credible breeders, stop developing at around 14-18 months.

How to Measure Your Shar-Pei’s Height?

Follow these steps:

  • Place your pet against a door frame or a wall.
  • Find your Shar-Pei’s withers.
  • Place your carpenter’s level straight across the withers and mark where it touches the wall.
  • Using tape, measure the height from the ground to the marked part on the wall. That’s your pet’s height.


Is a Shar-Pei a large breed dog?

No. Shar-Pei’s are a medium-size dog breed

Is Shar-Pei a good family dog?

Yes, Shar-Pei’s are incredibly loyal and committed to their family. However, they are snobby, arrogant, and reserved in the sight of strangers.


Shar-Pei is a great companion, and being medium-sized dogs, you won’t have to worry as they won’t take much space. 

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