What is Corn Gluten Meal in Dog Food?

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Just how safe is corn gluten meal for your dog?

Read on to find out.

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What is Corn Gluten Meal

Corn gluten meal also referred to as maize gluten meal or prairie meal, is a by-product of processed corn (through wet milling process), including corn syrup and sweeteners that the pet food industry uses as a low-cost protein source and kibble binder. Corn gluten meal, despite its name, contains no gluten at all, only corn proteins.

Is corn gluten meal safe for dogs?

Yes, corn gluten meal is safe for dogs. Although it’s often misinterpreted as filler, corn gluten meal provides an excellent source of highly concentrated proteins and amino acids for your dog. The leftover corn gluten is processed into a protein-rich meal after starch, germ, and bran are removed from corn kennels. However, many dogs may have difficulties digesting it.

Is corn gluten meal the same as cornmeal?

Although both the corn gluten meal and cornmeal originate from the whole kernels of corn and share similar names, they are quite different. Corn gluten meal is a by-product resulting from the wet milling process used in pet food, while cornmeal is ground up corn used for food coating or baking.

Why is corn not good for dogs?

Corn as a whole grain is difficult to digest for dogs unless it’s first refined into a meal or flour then cooked. Generally, grains can only be digested to the extent that they’ve been processed.


Corn gluten meal is a good source of inexpensive proteins for your dog. However, its quality depends on the quality of corn used.

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