How Big Do Pomeranian Dogs Get?

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Is a Pomeranian the best fit for you?

Do you know what its full adult size is?

Let’s find out.

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Average Pomeranian Size

Pomeranian dogs are small-statured, weighing between 3-7 pounds and reaching between 7-12 inches in height on average.

At What Age Is A Pomeranian Full Grown?

Being small dogs, Poms reach their full adult size by 12-15 months of age. 

Pom Puppy Growth Spurts

At birth, Poms weigh only a few ounces but quickly double their weight in the first two weeks.

Maximum growth occurs in the first nine months, after which they slowly gain little weight and increase in height for the next three months. After this, they are fully grown.

Factors That Influence Size And Growth Potential

  • Diet: Proper balanced and rightly proportioned nutrition is essential for a Pom’s optimal growth. 
  • Genetics: The parent’s genes determine the Pomeranian’s full, mature size.
  • Exercise: This is necessary for the maintenance of a healthy weight.
  • Sleep: They need adequate sleep for optimal growth.

Concerns about Pom Dog Size

Pet owners primarily go for Poms due to their small size. However, they may become heavier than anticipated.

It’s therefore advisable to go for reputable breeders to ensure your puppy weighs between 3-7 pounds. You can also request to see the parent so that you can estimate its future adult size.


How big is a full-grown Pomeranian?

A fully grown Pom stands at 7-12 inches in height and weighs between 3-7 pounds.

Are male or female Pomeranians better?

Both sexes have their advantages and disadvantages. Evaluate them to establish what you prefer.

At what age is a Pomeranian full grown?

Pomeranians become fully grown at 12 months. Although most of the growth is happens between 6-7 months, some fill up till one year.  


A Pomeranian is an adorable little dog that makes a great companion. However, it requires tender care given its size.

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