Can Dogs Eat Grapes Safely?

Dog Eating Grapes

No! Dogs cannot eat grapes and raisins

Grapes are some of the most dangerous things your dog could eat. Dog owners and their children or other family members must never share their grapes with their dog or leave grapes where pups can get to it. They should also make sure friends and family know that giving Fido even one grape could have catastrophic consequences.

Why are grapes so dangerous for dogs?

Grapes of all kinds are toxic for pooches. That includes red, purple and green grapes, with or without seeds. The same applies to raisins, currants, sultanas or any other type of dried grapes. In addition, never share your bagels or muffins with raisins with Fido. Absolutely all grape products could be deadly, even grape jelly or jam and grape juice. Researchers are still trying to determine what substance in grapes makes them so toxic.

Can grapes kill dogs?

Yes, they can! Maybe I should say yes, they will. And if your friend’s dog eats grapes all the time, don’t think the toxicity of grapes is a myth. It is not yet known why some dogs are unaffected. However, you wouldn’t want to risk your pup’s life because of what your friend tells you, right? Grapes cause severe kidney damage, and if you delay taking him to the vet, kidney failure and death can occur within a day or two. So, definitely, don’t do that wait-and-see thing!

Can a single grape cause severe health damage?

Although your dog’s body weight matters, to prevent potential lifelong kidney problems, you’d be wise to see a single grape as life-threatening. Acute renal failure could happen within minutes or hours. While Shepherds and Labradors might tolerate a few grapes, your Yorkie or Pomeranian will have a significantly lower tolerance.

How quickly can your dog react to the toxicity of grapes?

Prompt medical care is vital to prevent death or long-term kidney problems. If Doggo shows no symptoms immediately after eating grapes or raisins, it does not mean he is safe. If you know he ingested grapes, regardless of the number, call your vet immediately.

What symptoms indicate grape poisoning?

Vomiting and diarrhea might be the first red flags, and they will cause lethargy and dehydration. If you know or suspect Fido consumed grapes or raisins, and he doesn’t vomit, don’t attempt to induce vomiting without first talking to your vet. Rushing Fido to the vet is crucial if he appears to be in shock, struggling to breathe or unconscious, and tell the vet about the grapes. The following symptoms are all linked to grape poisoning:

  • Increased thirst or refusing to drink or eat
  • Breath smelling exceptionally bad
  • No urine or increased urination
  • Abdominal sensitivity to touch
  • Weakness
  • Tremors or seizures

Prepare yourself for leaving Doggo behind because he may need hospitalization for a day or two. He might need treatment like intravenous fluid therapy, and the vet will want to do bloodwork to monitor his kidneys.

In a nutshell

Regardless of what others say about their dogs eating grapes all the time without problems, don’t risk the health or life of your precious pup. Get him to the vet ASAP!

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