Toy Fox Terrier Breed Caring and Family, Social Life, Physical Traits, Diet Information

Toy Fox Terrier Breed Caring and Family, Social Life, Physical Traits, Diet Information
Height: 8.5-11.5  inches
Weight: 3.5-7 pounds
Lifespan: 13-15 years 
Colors: Black, White, Tan, or White & Black
Suitable for: Families, Circuses, and Entertainers
Temperament: Protective, Playful, and Energetic
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The American Toy Terrier, often abbreviated as Amertoy, is a hybrid of Smooth Fox Terriers and Toy dog Breeds, including the Miniature Pinscher, Chihuahua, and Toy Manchester Terrier.  The American Toy Terrier has a history of catching rats in farms and hunting small vermin-like squirrels. They are still used for hunting foxes and flushing them from their hiding places. Their small sizes make it easy for the owner to hide them in a  backpack, thus catching their prey unaware. Their main duties, however, are to be committed to their family members and act as a source of entertainment for the family 

American Toy Terriers are known for their loyalty, readiness to please their owner, high intelligence, adaptability, and flyball and earthdog trial races. American Toy Terriers are small dogs with weights ranging from 3.5 to 7 pounds with a life expectancy of 13 to 15 years. American Toy Terriers give birth to 3-6 puppies per litter annually.

American Toy Terrier Dogs have the characteristics of both the Terrier and Toy breeds. Their Terrier side is demonstrated through being courageous, intelligent, agile, playful, and stubborn. On the other hand, their gentle and affectionate nature is a trait from the Toy breeds.

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What are the Breed Traits and Characteristics of an American Toy Terrier Dog?

The American Toy Terrier features an athletic look with strong muscles complemented by a short, shiny, and smooth coat. Their round and black eyes give an illusion of power, intelligence, and alertness. The American Toy Terrier Dog Breed is small with a narrow muzzle and thick hair. The American Toy Terrier has a loving attitude to family members and is moderately friendly towards strangers. The American Toy Terrier has a character for affection and friendliness.

The following table gives the full features of the American Toy Terrier Dog Breed:

American Toy Terrier Dog Breed Features

American Toy Terrier Dog Breed information


8.5-11.5  inches


3.5-7 pounds

Relation with family


Relation with children


Relation with other dogs


Shedding level


Drooling level


Coat type

Smooth, Shiny, and Fine

Coat length


Coat grooming frequency


Relation with strangers


Playfulness level


Adaptability level


Openness to strangers


Trainability level


Energy level


Barking level


Mental stimulation needs level



13-15 years 

What breeds make up a toy fox terrier?

The breeds that make up a Toy Fox Terrier include Miniature Pinscher, Italian Goldenhound,  Toy Manchester Terrier, and Chihuahua. The original Fox Terriers were known for their courage, determination, and agility. The Toy Fox Terrier breeders wanted to retain these characteristics in smaller dogs who would still be used for hunting, but they would be gentler than their bigger versions.

What’s an American Toy Fox Terrier look like?

An American Toy Fox Terrier is a small dog with a black nose except in chocolate-colored ones where the nose is self-colored. An American Toy Fox Terrier has round eyes with V-shaped ears which are always erect and ready to hear any slight prey movement. An American Toy Terrier has a narrow muzzle, thick hair, and a short tail. The main coat color for an American Toy Terrier is white with black markings. 

What is the difference between a rat terrier and a toy fox terrier?

The main differences between a Rat Terrier and a Toy Fox Terrier mainly stem from their size and temperament. 

Rat Terriers have miniature and standard sizes, with the small types having a height ranging between 10 and 13 inches, while the standard versions have a height of 13 to 18 inches. On the other hand, a Toy Fox Terrier is short, with a height of 8.5 to 11.5  inches.

Toy Fox Terriers are more temperamental than Rat Terriers. They will do whatever it takes to guard their territory, even if it involves taking on other big dogs. 

Toy Fox Terriers are frequent barkers, while the Rat Terriers rarely bark.

The energy levels for a Rat Terrier are moderate, but the American Toy Terrier has high energy levels.

How Does an American Toy Terrier Dog Interact with Family?

American Toy Terrier Dogs are social breeds who love interacting with their human family, thus forming strong bonds. They are affectionate and love cuddling. American Toy Terriers tend to be protective of humans they know, like family members. They are loyal and devoted to their family members. Their playful nature can lead to destruction, and to avoid this, the family members should ensure they provide treats and toys for Amertoys to play with. Family members should also not encourage Amertoy protective behavior as it can turn to guard issues in the long run. Training them early on with the appropriate social skills should be a top priority. Amertoys tend to get attached to family members who give them full attention or regularly feed them. In addition, American Toy Terriers enjoy doing what the family members are doing. They would want to be involved in all household activities

How Do American Toy Terrier Dogs Interact with Other Dogs?

American Toy Terrier dogs interact with other dogs by playing with them. American Toy Terrier Dogs enjoy the company of other dogs, especially those familiar with them. They can, however, be hostile to new dogs in the family. Amertoys are protective of their territory and would not want a stranger coming in.

Introducing new dogs to the family might upset American Toy Terriers, and they would want to retain their dominance over the others.

However, American Toy Terriers can learn quickly to live with new dogs and get on well with other energetic breeds like Chihuahuas, Golden Retrievers, and Labradors. American Toy Terriers will comfortably share their food with other dogs, especially those from the family. However, sharing their owner’s affection with other dogs may not go well with them as they are protective of their owners.

Do toy fox terriers get along with cats?

American Toy Terriers are social and friendly breeds and get along well with cats. The American Toy Terrier enjoys playing with cats and curling up with them. Although American Toy Terriers are small, they love playing with all cat sizes, including those bigger than them.

How are American Toy Terrier Dogs with Elder People?

American Toy Terrier Dogs are moderately affectionate and social to older people. They are caring, and intelligent hence can be easily trained to live with elder people. Caution should however be taken as they can be too playful to be controlled by older people. Supervision while playing with older people is important

How are American Toy Terrier Dogs with Children?

American Toy Terrier Dogs are excellent playmates for older children. Younger children should be monitored closely as Amertoys can hurt them during play. Young children may step on Amertoys accidentally, thus agitating the dog and causing an adverse reaction like biting. American Toy Terriers enjoy playing rough, and they might harm younger children. If your younger children want to play with the American Toy Terrier Dog, be sure an adult human supervises them.

Amertoys are also prone to broken bones due to their tiny bodies, and young children might not know how to handle them. Younger children may accidentally step on the American Toy  Terrier dogs and cause them injuries

Younger children also love running around and playing in high-pitched voices. This might make Amertoys view children as prey and end up chasing after them. High Pitched sounds can also make your dog anxious hence triggering a bark response.

How are American Toy Terrier Dogs with Neighbors or Guests?

American Toy Terrier dogs are affectionate to neighbors because they are used to seeing them. However, American Toy Terriers may be suspicious of guests as they see them as strangers. American Toy Terrier Dogs are natural protectors and bark at strangers to prevent strangers from their family home.

As the owner, You can train your American Toy Terrier Dog to behave well with guests as they can easily learn a new behavior due to their intelligence levels. Training your American Toy Terrier Dog on proper socialization when they are young makes it easier for them to understand as their minds are still alert. On the other hand, training your dog when a grown-up may not be beneficial as older dogs slowly process things. In addition, late training makes it hard for your dog to get rid of the previously learned behaviors.

The American Toy Terrier Dog tends to remember people who constantly interact with them. If your Amertoy does not know a person, you should not allow them to get closer to the stranger as they can bite them or bark hysterically.

What are the American Toy Terrier Dog Physical Traits?

The American Toy Terrier Dog is a small dog breed with a muscular and athletic look. . The American Toy Terrier Dog has a smooth, shiny, and single coat which comes in various colors like Black, White, and Tan or White and Black with some spots.  Its solid head is complemented by V-shaped erect ears and large, Jet-black eyes. The American Toy Terrier Dog has a docked or long and shiny tail that it enjoys wagging around during playtime. Amery has a height ranging between 8.5 to 11.5 inches and weighs between 4 to 7 pounds. Their muzzles are small and narrow.

The American Toy Terrier Dog physical  traits are summarized in the table below: 


Trait information




4 to 7 pounds


8.5 to 11.5 Inches


Erect ears, Jet-black eyes, Vertically standing or docked tail


Requires plenty of exercises


13 to 15 years


Straight, Smooth, and Shiny

Coat color

White, Black, Brown


Small and Narrow

Skull/ Head

Solid, Black, Tan, or Chocolate head, Domed skull

Are toy fox terrier’s tails docked?

Yes. The Toy Fox Terrier’s tail is docked to prevent injuries while hunting and increase the Fox Terrier’s speed. Docking also strengthens the Fox Terrier’s back and prevents stool from getting stuck in the tail area. In addition, docking prevents infections. However, docking makes canine communication harder since dogs use the tail as a mode of communication.

How to Feed an American Toy Terrier Dog?

Despite their small size, American Toy Terrier Dogs have a high appetite. American Toy Terriers thrive mainly on food with lots of protein. Meat should be the primary source of protein for the growth and maintenance of lean muscles. Amertoys require moderate fats and small amounts of carbohydrates. The amount to give will depend on the Amestoy’s life stage, weight, and health condition. Feed your Amertoy at the same time every day to create a healthy routine. The calorie content of food is also important. American Toy Terrier puppies, pregnant adults, and lactating bitches need more calories than the senior Toy Terriers. The guide below will help you serve your American Toy Terrier Dog a Well-balanced diet: 

  • Calorie Requirements of American Toy Terriers: Senior Fox Terriers require 417 Calories per day, while adult Toy terriers need 510 calories. Puppies are very active and burn a lot of energy; hence their calorie needs are higher. You should ensure your puppy gets 810 calories per day.
  • Protein needs of American Toy Terriers: Proteins are essential in your Amertoy’s meals as they promote the development of lean muscles. When buying dog food from pet stores, ensure the protein content is between 26% to 30%. Go for real meat to appease your Amertoy’s instincts.
  • DHA Content: Puppies require DHA for proper brain development. Look for labels with DHA as part of the ingredients.
  • Fiber and prebiotics: these are essential for bowel and gut health. When selecting your dog’s food, look for fiber content between 3% to 4%. 

American Toy Terriers weigh between 4 to 7 pounds, and the amounts to give would depend on their weight. The table below guides on the amounts your dog needs based on weight :

Weight in pounds

Amount per day


⅓ cup


½ cup

Serving your Toy Terrier a well-balanced diet in the right amounts boosts growth and development.

How Much Should an American Toy Terrier Dog Puppy Eat?

American Toy Terrier puppies have higher nutritional needs than adult Toy Terriers. Your puppy’s meal should have more proteins, moderate fats, and fewer carbohydrates. You should also ensure that the meal has essential vitamins like vitamin A and C for a smooth and shiny coat and improved immunity. Minerals like calcium and phosphorus are important for the growth and development of strong and thick bones. In addition, you should give your dog enough water for proper hydration and bowel health. Consuming a healthy meal from the onset lowers the risks of developing diet-related problems like obesity.

The amount to give your puppy mainly depends on the age, weight, and health condition. In addition, seasons can determine the amount and type of food to serve your puppy. During summer, your puppy’s food should be high in calories for energy production and, consequently, warmth. Summer calls for less food and fewer calories. 

The table below is a guide on the daily amounts for your puppy: 


Number of feeding times per day

The 1st two weeks 

After every one hour

2-3 weeks

After every three hours

3-44 weeks 

After every four hours

1-2  months 


2-3 months


3-4 months


4-10 months 


10-18 months 


Above 18 months 


The following tips are useful when feeding your Toy Terrier puppy:

  • Feed your puppy at the same place always. This will help you know when your puppy is hungry since he will run to that feeding spot
  • Ensure your puppy can easily access clean water
  • Feed your puppy after burning some energy. This may be after a walk or indoor exercise. Feeding before a walk increases the risks of volvulus
  • Serve food at room temperature. 
  • Remove leftovers after 20 minutes to prevent food poisoning
  • Give treats during the main mealtime 
  • Avoid salty and spicy food. Your puppy’s food should be plain with no artificial additives or preservatives.
  • Home-made meals are preferred over commercially-made food
  • Allow your dog to rest for one hour after eating

What are the Health Tests that an American Toy Terrier Dog Should Take? 

American Toy Terrier dogs are generally healthy dogs. However, they are prone to certain diseases, which call for tests to lower their adverse effects.

The tests done on Ametoys include the following :

  • Tests for  Demodectic Mange: Which is a skin disease caused by parasitic mice. Dogs with low immunity are prone to Demodectic Mange. The mites can penetrate the hair and skin, leading to skin irritations, itching, and hair loss. It is characterized by hair thinning around the lips, eyelids, front legs, and the corners of the mouth.
  • Tests for Von Willebrand’s Disease: Which prevents effective blood clotting. American Toy Terriers with this disease bleed excessively whenever they are injured. In extreme cases, your dog would need a blood transfusion.
  • Tests for Patellar Luxation: A joint problem that leads to dislocation of the kneecap. Some Toy Terrier puppies are born with this condition. The major symptoms include limping and intense pain.
  • Test for Hypothyroidism: Which lowers your dog’s metabolic rates, thus leading to obesity, hair loss, and weakness. 

 Visiting the vet early is essential as the diseases can be detected before they become chronic. 

What is the Exercise Need of an American Toy Terrier Dog?  

The exercise needs of an American Toy Terrier are few and precise. Amertoys enjoy daily walks of about 30 minutes and indoor playtimes. Regular exercises are essential to improve your American Toy Terrier Dog’s agility and improve mental activity. Proper sleep patterns also result from frequent exercising.

What are the Nutritional Needs of an American Toy Terrier Dog Retriever? 

American Toy Terriers are playful dogs and need a well-balanced diet that is made up of a high percentage of animal proteins, moderate fats, fewer carbohydrates, essential minerals, and vitamins which include calcium and vitamin A and C. Look for protein sources with real meat as it mimics wild dog food. A raw diet is safe and easy to serve. However, complimenting a raw diet with kibble ensures your dog benefits from both. When selecting  your Amertoy’s kibble, the tips below are useful:

  • Go for single-source proteins with specific meat types like Chicken, Beef, or Turkey. Avoid kibble labeled “meat” as you would not know the type of meat it is
  • Whole meat should be the first or second ingredient
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners and preservatives 

In addition, the protein content from meat should range between 26% to 30%; fats should be between 10% to 12%, while fiber content ranges between 3% and 4%. Carbohydrates should come from wholesome sources like barley and sorghum. The recipe should also have organic fruits and vegetables, which provide vitamins essential for healthy growth. Furthermore, you should look out for DHA for proper brain function. American Toy Terrier Dogs need 25 Mg/ Kg of body weight. DHA is also essential for shiny skin and improved immunity. Adding DHA to your Amertoy’s diet also promotes trainability levels. For senior American Toy Terriers, chondroitin and glucosamine are essential for joint health.

Adult American Toy Terrier Dogs should eat their meals twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening hours. Puppies need more energy; hence you should feed them 3 to 4 times per day.  Younger puppies may require up to 6 feedings per day. Both adults and puppies can eat together in the morning, with puppies having other smaller meals during the day

What is the Shedding Level of an American Toy Terrier Dog?

American Toy Terriers are small and have a smooth coat; hence shed moderately.

Brushing your Amertoy’s coat regularly lowers shedding levels and promotes a shiny and lustrous coat.

What is the Coat Grooming Frequency of an American Toy Terrier Dog?

The coat grooming frequency of American Toy Terrier Dogs is weekly since they have a smooth coat which requires fewer grooming frequencies. Coat grooming is important for various reasons, which include the following: 

  • Grooming gives your dog a healthy look and promotes hygiene. 
  • Proper grooming lowers the risks of matting.
  • Through grooming, your Amertoy smells nice, thus raising the hygiene conditions.
  • Grooming promotes the growth and development of a lustrous and shiny coat that makes your dog attractive.
  • Grooming allows you to check for fleas and take early preventive and treatment measures.
  • Proper grooming lowers the risks of ear infections since you can check the ears and wipe them dry after grooming regularly.
  • While grooming, you can check for any skin problems and alert the vet before they worsen.
  • Grooming boosts the bond between you and your American Toy Terrier Dog.

To lower the grooming frequencies, you should keep your dog’s surroundings clean and the coat short. Your dog should be calm during grooming. Short walks will calm your dog, thus ensuring they remain still during the grooming process. You can also give your Amertoy their favorite treat to munch on while you groom them. Grooming must be enjoyable and a stress-free process for your American Toy Terrier.

What is the Drooling level of an American Toy Terrier Dog?

The drooling level of an American Toy Terrier Dog is low. You can lower your dog’s drooling levels by having a drool rag which aids in wiping your dog’s muzzle before the droll builds up and using oral medications, which lower the rate of saliva production. You may need to see the vet for continuous or frequent drooling to rule out any health problems. The main triggers of drooling include the following:

  • The  thought of delicious meals like a favorite treat or meat
  • Mouth and throat problems like fractures in the mouth, throat, or esophagus. Plaque build-up can also irritate the mouth and cause excessive saliva. Moreover, a foreign object stuck in the throat prevents swallowing, thus causing drooling. Growth in the mouth also stimulates drooling
  • Stomach upsets 
  • Excessive heat, especially during summer
  • Diseases like kidney disease, liver problems, seizures, botulism, and rabies. The main symptom of these diseases is drooling.
  • Motion sickness and anxiety. Dogs who do not like traveling will get anxious whenever they board a car. Anxiety makes dogs pant and breathes with their mouths open, thus causing drooling.
  • Excitement and agitation makes dogs drool

If your Amertoy drools regularly on the floor, it might become slippery and dangerous for young children. Excessive drooling leads to dehydration and bad breath.

What is the Coat Type of an American Toy Terrier Dog?

The coat type of an American Toy Terrier Dog is smooth, short, and shiny. This makes it easy to groom your American Toy Terrier Dog, ensuring they remain shiny,  soft, and healthy. The smoothness of an Amertoy’s coat is beneficial for your dog as it lowers the risks of getting entangled while exercising.

What is the Coat Length of an American Toy Terrier Dog? 

The coat length of an American Toy Terrier is short, thus lowering the frequency of shedding and grooming needs for the Amertoy. The shortness of an Amertoy’s coat also reduces the risks of getting matted and attracting dirt.

You should cut your Amertoy’s coat if it is matted or visibly dirty.

Do American Toy Terrier Dogs Smell?  

Yes, American Toy Terriers do smell depending on the moisture content of their coats. Water tends to increase the production of smelly compounds. However, a dry coat is odorless. To lower the risk of a smelly dog, keep your Amertoy indoors during rainy seasons and ensure their coats are clean.

What are the Social Traits of the American Toy Terrier Dog Breed?

The social traits of the American Toy Terrier are affection, playfulness, friendliness, and possessive nature. The American Toy Terriers are intelligent and learn fast, but they can be bored with long training sessions. Amertoys are fun-loving and have the charm to lighten you up when you are not in a happy mood. Their playfulness and desire to please make them fun to be with. You can enjoy their antics wherever you go as they are small and easy to carry around. Clowns used American Toy Terrier Dogs to entertain people, and they still possess the ability to make people laugh.  Other social traits of American Toy Terriers include the following:

  • Elderly-friendly: American Toy Terriers love playing with the elderly. However, they are highly energetic and may exhaust the seniors if playtime is long. In addition, American Toy Terriers enjoy playing rough and can easily hurt the elderly hence constant supervision is key.
  • Children-friendly: American Toy Terriers enjoy running around or chasing after children. Caution should be taken for younger children as Amertoys play rough and injure younger children. In addition, American Toy Terriers are fragile, and younger children might easily hurt them as they may not know how to handle them gently.
  • Family-friendly: Amertoy is possessive when it comes to their family or owners. They enjoy the company of family, and you will occasionally find them cuddling on your lap. They love getting involved in everything the family members are doing. Their intense loyalty to family and possessive nature makes it easy for owners to command them.
  • Cat-friendly: Amertoys love being around cats and play with cats of any size, including those bigger than them. You will constantly find your American Toy terrier curled around your cat to get warm, especially during the cold seasons.
  • Cautious with strangers: American Toy Terriers tend to be suspicious of strangers. They will show their suspicion by barking whenever they see an unfamiliar person. Their strong bond with family makes them aloof towards strangers, but you can reduce this through training on proper socialization behavior. Taking your American Toy Terrier with you whenever you visit other people’s houses also helps in lowering their aggression towards strangers. Your Amertoy will learn to interact with new people and become less suspicious of strangers. 
  • Cautious with new dogs: New dog additions to the family will be treated with fierce barking from your Amertoy. This is their way of protecting their territories. To lower this reactive behavior, you should introduce the new dogs earlier when your American Toy terrier Dog is still a puppy so that they can bond at a young age. This creates a feeling that they are members of the same family. 

How Does an American Toy Terrier Dog Interact with Strangers?

American toy Terrier interacts with strangers by barking at them. American Toy Terriers are wary of strangers and will alert you immediately if they notice unfamiliar people in the compound. You can minimize these suspicions towards strangers by training your Amertoy on social skills and having regular visits to other people’s places. 

Is American Toy Terrier Dog Playful?

Yes, American Toy Terrier Dogs are playful. This results from their high agility and energy levels. They utilize this by regularly playing with family, children, and cats. To boost their playful nature, you can buy play toys for your Amertoy.

However, their playfulness can be harmful as they might not know how to take care of their fragile bodies, hurting themselves. To lower the risks of harming themselves, you should constantly monitor them while they are playing.

Being playful is an important feature for American Toy Terriers as it aids in burning down the high energy and promotes a healthy sleep pattern. In addition, playfulness boosts your dog’s social skills as they can interact with people and other pets.

Is American Toy Terrier Dog Protective?

Yes, American Toy Terriers are protective of their owners and territories. They become jealous when their owner gives attention to other dogs or cats and fiercely guard their territory by becoming aggressive when a new dog is introduced to the family.

We recommend early socialization to prevent these protective instincts from turning into guarding behaviors. Being protective is beneficial for Amertoy since it ensures they retain their boundaries and that they are not taken advantage of by other bigger dogs.

What is the Adaptability Level of an American Toy Terrier Dog?

The adaptability level of an American Toy Terrier is high.  They easily fit into any living condition and are easy to travel with as they take less space. Their small size makes them adaptable to apartment life. However, Amertoys are playful dogs, thus requiring a spacious compound to run comfortably. Be sure to fence your compound or keep your Amertoy on a leash as they enjoy hunting and would run after a rat whenever they see them.

What are the Personality Traits of an American Toy Terrier Dog?

American Toy Terriers are fun-loving dogs and show lots of love and affection to their families. They are, however, wary of strangers and new dogs and would bark at them whenever they see them.

American Toy Terriers love being around children. You should, however, not allow younger children near Amertoys as they can hurt them.

American Toy Terriers also enjoy walks in the evening. Keep them on a leash as they can easily run after rats, consequently getting lost.

Are toy fox terriers stubborn? 

Yes, Toy Fox Terriers are stubborn dogs. Therefore you should train them on good behaviors early. Toy Fox Terriers are intelligent and love doing things their way, which can be against your wishes as to the owner. Toy Fox Terriers have a mind of their own which adds to their stubbornness.

What Age do Toy Terriers Calm Down?

Toy Terriers do calm down when they are between six to nine months of age. They tend to be calmer as they grow up. At full maturity, which ranges from 1-2 years, all the puppy hyperactivity ends and your dog stops jumping up and down. The Calm Hold Technique helps calm your Terrier

Are American Toy Terrier Dogs Cuddly? 

Yes, American Toy Terrier Dogs are cuddly. They love to be held by their owner and family members or curled around their favorite pets, especially cats. Cuddling is a trait they inherited from Toy breeds. The American Toy terrier Dogs love to cuddle during the cold seasons for warmth.

Can American Toy Terrier Dogs be Aggressive? 

Yes, American Toy Terrier dogs can be aggressive. Aggression stems from their possessive nature, and they can easily attack an intruder invading their territory. They use aggression to demonstrate their dominance. Dogs who try to steal Amertoy’s owners’ attention are also met with aggression. Fear, anxiety, and illness can also make Amertoys aggressive.

Can American Toy Terrier Dogs be Dangerous? 

No, American Toy Terrier Dogs cannot be dangerous unless provoked beyond their limits. The American Toy Terrier Dogs are gentle and affectionate and not easily provoked. However, they readily challenge their enemy, even those bigger than them, if provoked. Being left alone for long can make them anxious and dangerous to approach.

Do American Toy Terrier Dogs Ever Attack? 

Yes, though rare, American Toy Terrier Dogs can attack. This happens when they feel their lives or family members are in danger. Their attacks are directed towards the source of danger, including other dogs. When they are threatened, American Toy Terrier Dogs would not consider their small bodies.

Can American Toy Terrier Dogs Kill Humans? 

No, there is no report on American Toy Terriers having killed humans. Although they can be aggressive, their gentle and calm nature combined with affection towards humans makes killing unappealing to Amertoys. In addition, their small bodies make killing improbable. Their fights can only result in a few scratches.

Do American Toy Terrier Dogs cope with being left alone?

American Toy Terrier dogs are social dogs who love playing, cuddling, and running around. They cannot, therefore, tolerate being left alone. If left alone, they can destroy your valuables or try to jump out the window. They can easily get injured in the process since their bones are fragile.

Can I leave my American Toy Terrier Dog at home? 

No, you cannot leave your American Toy Terrier Dog at home since their playful nature will make them engage in self-destructive activities like jumping on top of your furniture. However, if you are stopping out for a few minutes, give your Amertoy a toy to play with or his favorite treat.

Can an American Toy Terrier Dog be left alone for 8 hours? 

No, an American Toy Terrier cannot be left alone for eight hours as he can destroy your items or get bored, thus engaging in activities like chewing your furniture. Being left alone for long periods creates anxiety in Amertoy’s mind, making him bark excessively, thus becoming a nuisance to neighbors.

How to Train an American Toy Terrier Dog?

American Toy Terrier Dogs are intelligent and learn fast, making their trainability level high. Their desire to please their owners also makes it easy to train them. However, American Toy Terrier Dogs tend to get bored quickly, so you should take the shortest time possible during the training sessions. They will also want to add their twist to your commands to show their intelligence; hence you should be patient when training.

Training should start at 8 weeks before your puppy becomes too attached to unhealthy behaviors. Proper training takes approximately 4 weeks, so by 12 weeks. Your dog should have learned all the basic rules about appropriate behavior. 

Introduce complex training methods according to your dog’s age. You will reap the benefits of training when your Amertoy puppy moves to adulthood.

Training involves teaching your dog appropriate social skills, behaving around humans and other dogs, and using the potty properly.

Training has immense benefits for your Amertoy, including following commands, excellent behavior towards strangers and other dogs, and proper hygiene methods. In addition, training is helpful as it ensures that Amertoys do not hurt those around them, including young children.

How do you potty train a toy fox terrier? 

The following are helpful when potty training an Amertoy:

  • Frequent outings to prevent toileting inside the house
  • Know the signs that your dog needs the toilet. This may include excessive squatting and scooting
  • Always use one spot for toileting. This makes it easy for your dog to connect that spot with toileting mentally

Is an American Toy Terrier Dog a Good Guard Dog? 

No, an American Toy Terrier is not a good guard as it is small. However, an Amertoy will always be protective of his family and may even take on dogs bigger than him. The American Toy Terrier’s eagerness to please their owners adds to their readiness to fight on behalf of their family

How Frequently does an American Toy Terrier Dog Bark?

American Toy Terriers are vocal dogs and bark whenever they see unfamiliar people or pets. Their barking levels are, however, moderate. For many dogs, the triggers for barking include loneliness, threats, excitement, being territorial, attention-seeking, and even frustrations. American toy terriers hate being left alone, and one way of coping with loneliness is barking. Infrequent exercises and anxiety can also trigger barking.

American Toy Terriers use barking to communicate with their human family. They use barking to alert their owners of any looming danger. Regular barking can be a nuisance to both the owner and neighbors. There are various ways of preventing your Amertoy from being a constant barker, and they include :

  • Engage your dog in their favorite activity or exercise while you are away
  • Look for attractive toys that would keep your American Toy Terrier busy while you are away
  • Use an anti-bark collar
  • Ignore their barking
  • Continuous barking calls for a visit to the vet

There are different bark types based on the situation at hand. Alarm barking is when your Ametoy is barking as a way of alerting you of approaching danger. Alarm barking can save you from danger; however, Amertoys may bark before ascertaining that there is a real danger

Another type of barking is demand barking, where an Amertoy feels entitled to something or your attention and would bark as a way of demanding their rights. This can be lowered through proper training and ignoring the barking.

In addition, arousal barking is used by the American Toy Terrier to show their frustrations, while boredom barking signals that your American Toy Terrier is tired or bored as a result of being left alone or infrequent exercises. This type of barking tends to be monotonous and continuous.

You can train your Amertoy to stop barking by using positive and negative motivators. Whenever they start barking, command them to be quiet and if they obey, reward them with their favorite treat or toy. If they disobey your command, you can withdraw some benefits like not giving them their best toy.

Do toy fox terriers bark a lot for external stimulants?

Yes, Toy Terriers tend to bark a lot for external stimuli. They bark at strangers and new dogs and might call for the owner’s intervention for them to stop barking. American Toy Terrier dogs perceive humans and other pets as more dangerous than physical things like cars. They will, therefore, bark more insistently at strangers than at a car.

What is the need for Mental Stimulation of an American Toy Terrier Dog?

The need for mental stimulation of an American Toy Terrier Dog is important as it lowers the risks of destructive behaviors resulting from boredom. American Toy Terrier Dogs are smart and learn fast; hence they need regular mental stimulation. The playful and intelligent nature of Amertoys further calls for frequent mental activity. There are different ways of mentally stimulating your Amertoy, and some of them are as follows:

  • Playing with interactive games or toys, which include dog puzzles and canine board games.
  • Encourage sniffing during regular evening walks.
  • Chewing for longer periods calms the brain, thus lowering stress levels.
  • Hide and seek games
  • Drop and fetch games
  • Regular walks

These mental stimulation techniques should start at an early stage. American Toy Terrier dogs who are 8 years and older tend to have problems with their thinking ability. The major signs of mental disorientation include excessive anxiety, frequent accidents, failure to recall previously learned commands, changes in sleep and wake patterns, low interest in physical activities, and poor social skills.

What are the Breed Standards of American Toy Terrier Dogs?

The breeds that make up a Toy Fox Terrier are the Smooth Fox Terrier and other Toy breeds like the Chihuahua, Manchester Terrier, Miniature Pinschers, and Italian Greyhound. The combination of the fierce characteristics of the Smooth Fox Terrier and the gentle features of toy breeds brings out an outgoing, agile, intelligent, and affectionate American Toy Terrier Dog.

Breed standards of American Toy Terrier Dogs are given in the table below.

Breed Standards 

Breed Information 


American Toy Terrier Dogs must be White, Tan, Chocolate, or Black


American Toy Terrier dogs are small in size. Their agility, athletic body,  and small size made them suitable as circus dogs walking on a tightrope.

Eye Color 

American Toy Terrier Dogs’ round and dark eyes reflect their agility and playfulness.

Average weight 

American Toy Terrier Dogs weigh between 3.5 and 7 pounds 

American Toy Terrier Dogs height ranges between 8.5 and 11.5 inches 

Average lifespan 

American Toy Terrier Dogs have a lifespan of 13-15 years. 

What is the General Information About the American Toy Terrier Dogs?

American Toy Terrier Dogs were bred in the United States during the 1930s by the American Breeders. The breeders crossed the Smooth Toy Fox Terrier with other toy breeds, including the Chihuahua, Miniature Pinscher, Manchester Terrier, and the Italian Greyhound. The Smooth Toy Dog Terrier was known for its strength and courage, and the breeders wanted a smaller version who would be gentler through the inheritance of the Toy breed’s traits. The combination of the Terrier traits and Toy Breeds brought out an affectionate, agile, intelligent, and courageous American Toy Terrier. American Toy terriers are social dogs who are always eager to please their owners.

American Toy Terrier Dogs are usually used to hunt small vermin-like rats and force foxes out of their hiding places. You should, therefore, not keep them in the same house with small vermin like hamsters and gerbils. Their agility promotes their prey-seeking instincts, and they are always chasing after rats. As a result, you should ensure they are on a leash whenever you take a walk. In addition, their small sizes and alertness made them suitable performers entertaining people since clowns could easily carry them.

The American Toy Terrier exists in the United States, and some owners still use them for hunting foxes. The United Kennel Club recognized the American Toy Terrier Dog in 1936 while the American Kennel Club gave full recognition to this breed in 2003. American Toy Terrier Dogs are also fully recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club.

Where to Buy or Adopt American Toy Terrier Dogs?

You should do background research on pet firms that sell Amertoys to determine whether they are genuine. Extensive research is also helpful as it helps you gauge the possible price you should pay since you can compare different prices from different pet sellers. You can buy or adopt a Toy Fox Terrier from internationally-recognized institutions like the American Toy Fox Terrier Club or  RescueToy Fox Terrier. Other potential places to buy or adopt and Amertoy include:

  • Grateful Dogs Rescue in San Francisco
  • Muttville in Alabama street

The process of adopting a dog involves the following :

  • Filling a form where you give your details and the type of dog you want
  • Submitting the form
  • Attending an interview with one of the rescue center’s counselors where you give details on your family and shelter situation. You might also be asked to give your previous experience with pets.
  • Meeting your potential fur baby.
  • Approval where you are allowed to take your fur baby home.

Adopting a dog is cheaper than buying directly from the owner or breeder. To adopt an American Toy terrier dog, the approximate amount you can pay is $300, while buying directly would cost $600-1200. These prices may vary depending on the location of purchase or adoption

How much is a toy terrier?

The price of a Toy Terrier ranges between $600-1200. Adopting an Amertoy is less expensive as you only part with $300. However, buying from the breeder is preferable since you have the background information on the specific dog. The breeder knows the training and nutritional needs of the dog since birth and can give you detailed information that would guide you 

What are the Rescue Clubs for American Toy Terrier Dogs?

Rescue clubs’ main aim is to re-home dogs who have been given away by their owners and those who have lost their homes due to factors like divorce or the death of their owners. Owners may also give away aggressive dogs or have some uncontrollable behaviors. There are many different rescue centers in the United States and across the world

Some of the centers are given below: 

  • American Fox Terrier Club in the United States
  • Canada Fox Terrier Rescue
  • Rescue Toy Fox Terrier

What is the American Toy Terrier Dog History?

The American Toy Terrier history can be traced to a Smooth Fox Terrier called ‘Foiler’, the first terrier to be recognized by the American Kennel Club. The American breeders wanted a smaller version of the Smooth Fox Terrier who would be less aggressive. They crossed the Smooth Terrier with small Toys, including Chihuahua and the Italian Greyhound, resulting in the American Toy Terrier Dog. American Toy Terriers are affectionate dogs and love being around their family members. American Toy Terriers are found mainly in North America.

American Toy Terrier Dogs are not only the best pets to have; they are also useful for show businesses because of their small sizes and agility levels. American Toy Terrier Dogs are ready for breeding when they reach the age of 15  months for females and 9-12 months for males.

What is the Average Maintenance for an American Toy Terrier Dog?

The average maintenance for an American Toy Terrier is based on many determinants, including the purchase price, costs associated with health, and costs relating to the amount of food your Amertoy needs. Buying an Amertoy puppy might cost you an amount ranging from $450 to $600. The price can be as high as $1200 so you can gauge the average price to be $800. You will incur more expenses during the first year due to the high vet visits. The following is a list of average maintenance costs :

  • Amery’s training costs range from $750-1000 for 5-7  private classes while group sessions will cost you $150-200 for 5 classes.
  • Medical costs will be between $38-795 for the first year and $280-645 for the subsequent years.
  • A $50-300 one-time cost should be set aside for spraying your American Toy Terrier.
  • Amertoy puppies require three vet visits per year, with each visit costing approximately $65 and $ 170 covering the important vaccines, fecal tests, general exams, and first three doses to prevent heartworms and flea infections/ A further $50-$105 and $70-$105 caters for subsequent heartworm and flea prevention.
  • Food costs range between $50-$90 for the first year and $25-$90 for subsequent years.

How to Name an American Toy Terrier Dog?

Naming an American Toy Terrier dog is a unique process as Amertoys do not respond to the name itself but the sound associated with that name. The following guide gives sound effects on your dog’s reaction when called.

  • Explosive sounds D, D, B stimulate the brain, but it does not make your dog wag his tail in excitement.
  • An American Toy Terrier associates the deaf explosive sounds P, T, K  with danger, thus causing suspicion and anxiety and activating a reactive reaction. 
  • It sounds like D and G stimulates your dog’s analytical thinking while sound L, M, H, and B have a calming effect on American Toy Terriers

Some boy, American Toy Terrier names, include Tago, Cesar, and Yukon, while girl names include Addy, Gaby, and White. Amertoy boys are more aggressive than girls; hence, the name should be calming. American Toy Terrier girls tend to be very assertive and should therefore be given names that soften their assertive nature

In addition, American Toy Terrier Dogs are intelligent; thus, having a name that stimulates their mental and analytical skills is advisable. The names should be short and not associated with fun since American Toy Terrier Dogs are playful and may react to a funny name by being more active.

It is also important to know the meaning behind the name you give Your American Toy Terrier Dog. The following table  gives some names you can give your dog and their meaning : 












American English


Little girl











What are the Different Types of American Toy Terrier Dogs?

The different types of American Toy Terrier dogs are given below :

  • Miniature Fox Terrier: The Miniature Fox Terrier is small and enjoys hunting rats and mice. The Miniature Fox Terrier has erect ears that ensure it can hear any slight movement of its prey. They are mainly found in Australia and have full recognition from the Australian National Kennel Council
  • English Toy Terrier:  The English Toy Terrier is also small and comes in black and tan colors. The recognized color for the English Toy terrier is black with tan marks on the face, legs, and chest. The English Toy Terrier has its roots in England and is known for its agility. 
  • Japanese Terrier: As the name suggests, the Japanese Terrier traces its origin to Japan. The Japanese Terrier is also known as the Mikado Terrier and is fully recognized by the Japan Kennel Club. The Japanese Terrier has a black head with a white body with black marks. It has a short and shiny coat
  • Australian Silky Terrier: The Australian silky Terrier originated from Australia. The Australian Silky Terrier is also found in North America, known as the Silky Terrier. However, the rest of the world calls this dog the Australian Silky Terrier. The Australian Silky Terrier has a wedge-shaped head and almond eyes complemented by a long silky coat

What are the Similar Dog Breeds for American Toy Terriers?

Similar dog breeds for American Toy Terrier Dog are listed below :

  • Chihuahua: Chihuahua is similar to the American Toy Terrier Dog because it is small. In addition, they are affectionate, agile, and intelligent like the American Toy Terrier Dog. Furthermore, both Chihuahua and the American Toy Terrier Dog are the best choices for new owners with no previous experience with pets. This is because these breeds are easy to maintain. The significant difference between these two breeds is that the American Toy Fox Terrier tends to bark more frequently than the Chihuahua.
  • Rat Terrier: The similarities of a Rat Terrier with the American Toy stems from the fact that both breeds are agile and enjoy hunting small vermin. They are also small in size, full of energy, and are easy to train.
  • Chinese Crested: They are similar to the American Toy Terrier as they are small in size and were also created to hunt and kill rats. Whereas the Chinese Crested is hypoallergenic, American Toy Terrier Dog is non-hypoallergenic
  • Italian Greyhound: Italian Greyhounds are playful like their counterparts, the American Toy Terriers. Their similarities also include affection to their families and alertness. Both breeds have low maintenance needs and are excellent choices for inexperienced owners.

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