Nom Nom Dog Food Review: Prices, Quality, Nutrients

Nom Nom Dog Food Review

If you are a pet parent who wants to share your people-food with your doggy dude, you’re not alone. However, please don’t fall into the trap of feeding your precious pooch table scraps. Many dog owners have switched to fresh food options instead of feeding their canine companions nothing but dry, uninteresting kibble. Anyone can prepare fresh food for their dogs every day. However, it is time-consuming, and understanding each dog’s nutritional needs is complicated.

That is where a dog food manufacturer like Nom Nom comes in. Nom Nom is a pet food company that formulates recipes forby veterinary professionals—based in San Francisco, California. The creators of Nom Nom got the idea that dogs deserve dog food full of nutrients and goodness since they are part of our families, and set about bringing their bright idea to the other dog owners out there.

Nom Nom Now Inc. was established in 2014 as a dog food brand and became so popular that Mars Pet Care acquired Nom Nom in 2018. Mars Petcare Inc., headquartered in the U.S., was the leading pet food company worldwide in 2020 based on revenue. The company generated over 18 billion U.S. dollars in revenue. Nom Nom is produced at two facilities in California and Tennessee.

Nom Nom had its first-ever recall in 2021. The voluntary recall was from their supplier, Tyson Foods Inc. Certain chicken products produced by Tyson were potentially contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, which affected chicken sold for human consumption to Nom Nom, and used in their Chicken Cuisine recipe.

What Defines Human Grade in Dog Food Ingredients?

According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), there is no legal definition for the term “human-grade.” To label a product as “human-grade dog food,” all ingredients must be edible for humans, and the food itself must meet federal manufacturing and packaging regulations. The Nom Nom product line includes 4 fresh human-grade dog foods.

The AAFCO sets quality standards for animal feed and pet food labeling. Equally, strict regulations are in place for dog foods claimed to be “complete and balanced,” “natural,” and “organic.” 

What is Nom Nom’s Commitment?

Dog Food Care wants to help you determine whether the dog food products in the Nom Nom product range are perfect for your dogs. Nom Nom says every meat and veggie is gently cooked individually, then mixed in batches to seal in vital nutrients and maximize digestibility. No high temp vats. No extrusion. The result? Real food that looks exactly as good as it tastes.

Nom Nom promises to help you find the perfect recipe for your dog based on their diet history, including things like sensitive tummies and picky eaters. Then they’ll mix and pre-portion their meals to match their unique health goals — right down to the calories.

Nom Nom will ship it straight from their USA kitchens, where they prepare and pack each meal with care. They also oversee every step of the process to ensure that only the best gets to your dog’s bowl. Nom Nom further promises that you will notice the benefits within one month after fully switching to their fresh foods.

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Is Nom Nom a Complete and Balanced Dog Food?

Choosing the best food for your furry family member is a challenge and not a job to do without doing your research. Even though Nom Nom is a top-rated company that produces high-quality foods, it is not necessarily the right choice for everyone. Can you trust the manufacturer’s claim that the dog food is “Human Grade” and “Complete and Balanced?” 

For any dog food to be marketed as “Complete and Balanced,“ it must meet the nutritional standards established by AAFCO. AAFCO is an acronym for the Association of American Feed Control Officials, a non-profit organization that sets standards for pet foods in the United States.

These nutritional adequacy standards are defined by two nutrient profiles based on a dog’s stage of life.

  • Adult maintenance
  • Growth and reproduction

You might see “(the dog food name) is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO (Dog) Food Nutrient Profiles for (the dog’s life stage)” on a dog food label. It verifies that the dog food meets AAFCO’s nutrient profiles. However, there is no law making such testing, analysis, or inclusion on dog food labels compulsory in the US. 


AAFCO Guideline


All Life Stages


Adult Maintenance


Growth and Reproduction (Puppies and pregnant or lactating females)


Supplemental Feeding Only


Unspecified on Product’s Webpage

What are the available Nom Nom Recipes?

Nom Nom has four basic recipes that they adapt to meet the unique nutritional needs of each dog, based upon the information provided by the dog owner. Dog Food Care will explain the process and the recipes to help ease the process of selecting the best food option for your dog.

Dog Food Care’s Top Choice

  • Best Overall: 
      • Turkey Fare: An excellent recipe with fresh ingredients, limited to only five. You can literally see the chunks of colorful, identifiable ingredients. It contains no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, prepacked into individual servings.
  • Best for Active dogs:
      • Beef Mash: This meal is loaded with everything your highly energetic canine companion requires for strong muscles and a healthy heart.
  • Best for Weight Management:
      • Chicken Chow: Perhaps Nom Nom’s most “basic” recipe, but still packed with nutrients found in chicken and sweet potatoes.
  • Best for Healthy digestion:
    • Pork Potluck: A delicious and diverse nutritional profile, loaded with fiber-filled veggies to limit digestion issues.

What are the Nutritional Profiles of the Different Nom Nom Dog Foods Recipes?

Below is a table showing the summarized AAFCO analysis and rating for the Nom Nom recipes. It is a helpful tool for selecting quality dog food. Although the AAFCO rates all four recipes as suitable for all life stages, your dog’s overall health, metabolism, breed size and food-related sensitivities make your doggy dude unique. So, don’t rush when you fill out the initial questionnaire on Nom Nom’s website. And when in doubt, consult a veterinarian for help.

Nom Nom Recipe

Nutritional Rating out of 5

AAFCO (Life Stage)

Nom Nom Turkey Fare



Nom Nom Beef Mash



Nom Nom Chicken Cuisine



Pork Pot Luck



Although the AAFCO rates all four recipes as suitable for all life stages, your dog’s overall health, metabolism, breed size, and food-related sensitivities make your doggy dude unique. So, don’t rush when you fill out the initial questionnaire on Nom Nom’s website. And when in doubt, consult a veterinarian for help.

1. Nutritional Profile of Nom Nom Turkey Fare

The first ingredient in Nom Nom Turkey fare is ground turkey, and it is not grain-free. It contains brown rice, which is a fairly nutritious option containing nutrients, such as iron, calcium, and manganese. Served in moderation, it can reduce diabetes risk and improve heart health.

Carrots, eggs, and spinach are the other main ingredients in this recipe. Carrots contain vitamin A and fiber, adding to the benefits of this nutritious treat for dogs. There are also much-needed minerals, thiamine, taurine, and fatty acids.

With only turkey as a protein and fish oil, this is a safe option for dogs prone to beef allergies. However, dogs who are sensitive to poultry might be better off with the beef or pork option. This recipe contains a higher number of calories compared to the Beef Mash and Pork Potluck recipes, so it’s not the ideal choice for dogs who tend to have weight problems.

Below is information about the ingredients and nutritional profile of Nom Nom Turkey Fare recipe.


Nom Nom Turkey Fare

1st 5 Ingredients

Ground turkey, brown rice, eggs, carrots, spinach

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein 10% min, Crude Fat 5% min, 

Crude Fiber 1% max, Moisture 72%

Dry Matter Basis

Protein 35%, Fat 18%, Fiber 3.5%, Carbs 39%

Metabolizable energy

1479 kcal/kg, 201 kcal per 8-oz. cup

Life Stage

Nom Nom Turkey Fare is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages, including maintenance and pregnant or lactating mother dogs


All breeds, from tiny Chihuahuas to massive Rottweilers. 

Average Quality Rating

5 Star

Average price

The price is based on your dog’s unique needs, but the average cost for a small to medium dog is about $6 per day.

I would like to point out that all prices quoted are as of June 1, 2022.

2. Nutritional Profile of Nom Nom Beef Mash

The first listed ingredient in Nom Nom Beef Mash is ground beef, followed by russet potatoes, eggs, carrots, and peas. Essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, B, and E, fish oil, iron, and zinc also form part of the recipe.

Dog owners should note the incorporation of eggs in this recipe because they’re highly nutritious for dogs. They contain the necessary vitamins and fatty acids that boost the dog’s immune system and metabolism.

Furthermore, owners of dogs with diabetes should best choose a recipe without russet potatoes. Although russet potatoes are generally safe for dogs to eat, they can cause blood sugar levels to spike. Therefore, if you have a dog with diabetes or a dog breed prone to diabetes, it’s best to avoid this recipe.

Below is information about the ingredients and nutritional profile of Nom Nom Beef Mash.


Nom Nom Beef Mash

1st 5 Ingredients

Ground beef, russet potatoes, eggs, carrots, peas

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein 8% min, Crude Fat 4% min, 

Crude Fiber 1% max, Moisture 77%

Dry Matter Basis

Protein 35%, Fat 14%, Fiber 4%, Carbs 39%

Metabolizable energy

1239 kcal/kg, 182 kcal per 8-oz. cup

Life Stage

Nom Nom Beef Mash is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages, including adult maintenance and pregnant or lactating mother dogs


All breeds, from the pretty Papillon to big burly Bernese Mountain Dogs. 

Average Quality Rating

5 Star

Average price

The price is based on your dog’s unique needs, but the average cost for a medium to a large dog is about $6.50 per day.

3. Nutritional Profile of Nom Nom Chicken Cuisine

Diced chicken is the first ingredient in the Nom Nom Chicken Cuisine recipe. Other ingredients include sweet potatoes, spinach, and squash. The iron in spinach can help prevent cardiovascular and inflammatory issues. Squash and sweet potatoes are high in fiber and can ease and soothe upset stomachs. Since it’s gentle on the stomach, it’s a great ingredient for transitioning your dog to new food.

We find it concerning that this recipe contains higher amounts of canola and sunflower oil than fish oil. Instead, more oils sourced from fish would make up some of the fat content. Coconut oil and flaxseed oil are healthier and more nutritious options when using plant-based rather than fish-based oils.

Below is information about the ingredients and nutritional profile of the Nom Nom Chicken Cuisine Recipe.


Nom Nom Chicken Cuisine

1st 6 Ingredients

Diced chicken, sweet potatoes, squash, spinach, sunflower oil, and canola oil.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein 8.5% min, Crude Fat 6% min, 

Crude Fiber 1% max, Moisture 77%

Dry Matter Basis

Protein 37%, Fat 26%, Fiber 4%, Carbs 28% 

Metabolizable energy

1239 kcal/kg, 182 kcal per 8-oz. cup

Life Stage

Nom Nom Chicken Cuisine is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages, including adult maintenance and pregnant or lactating mother dogs.


All breeds, from precious Poodles to massive Mastiffs 

Average Quality Rating

4.5 Star

Average price

The price is based on your dog’s unique needs, but the average cost for a small dog under 15-lb is about $6 per day.

4. Nom Nom Pork Potluck

With ground pork first on the ingredients list of the Nom Nom Pork Potluck recipe, the diverse and nutritious profile also includes green beans, brown mushrooms, squash, and kale. Unfortunately, russet potatoes are second on the ingredients list, making them more prevalent than the other veggies. Although something more substantial could provide more nutrition, the inclusion of potatoes does not make Nom Nom Pork Potluck a poor-quality food. The good news is that the rest of the vegetables provide enough fiber to make this a nutritious meal for dogs.

Below is information about the ingredients and nutritional profile of the Nom Nom Pork Potluck recipe.


Nom Nom Pork potluck

1st 6 Ingredients

Ground pork, russet potatoes, green beans, squash, kale, cremini mushrooms

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein 7% min, Crude Fat 5% min, 

Crude Fiber 2% max, Moisture 75%

Dry Matter Basis

Protein 28%, Fat 20%, Fiber 8%, Carbs 28% 

Metabolizable energy

1246 kcal/kg, 177 kcal/cup 

Life Stage

Nom Nom Pork Potluck is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages, including adult maintenance and pregnant or lactating mother dogs.


All breeds, from small Brussels Griffons to Large Schnauzers.

Average Quality Rating

4.5 Star

Average price

The price is based on your dog’s unique needs, but the average cost for a medium dog weighing between 30 and 40 pounds is about $7 per day. 

What is the Nutritional Value of Carbohydrates in Nom Nom Dog Food?

The carbohydrates in Nom Nom dog foods serve as a primary fuel source and are a dog’s main source of glucose (energy). Carbs are not essential to a dog’s diet; however, they are associated with important vitamins, minerals, and plant-based nutrients.

Meat contains virtually no carbohydrates, but Nom Nom fresh diets are also loaded with high-quality vegetables, containing natural sugars that add to your dog’s daily carb count. Furthermore, Nom Nom recipes contain valuable vitamins and minerals your dog needs, making them healthy sources of carbs for your canine companion.

What is the Nutritional Value of Proteins in Nom Nom Dog Food?

Protein produces energy and supplies your dog’s body with what it needs to create solid structure (skin, muscles, and bones). The pup’s body cannot store protein, requiring a constant supply. Proteins are made up of amino acids; your dog requires 22 amino acids to produce the proteins necessary to survive. A dog’s body can naturally make about half of those amino acids, but the rest comes from your dog’s daily food.

As the name hints, essential amino acids are crucial to your dog’s health, but are sourced from food. Both the amount and the ratio of essential amino acids are critical. Nom Nom Fresh Dog Food ensures your dog’s body is fueled with enough protein each day. 

The type of protein, meat or poultry, is up to your dog’s taste preferences and any other specific dietary benefits the protein source may provide. And rest assured, combinations of real meat and poultry are always the primary building blocks of Nom Nom’s dog food recipes.

What is the Nutritional Value of Fat in Nom Nom Dog Food?

Fats protect your dog’s internal organs, regulate body temperature, and promote a healthy nervous system. However, not all fats are good for your dog, but Nom Nom carefully considers the fat’s source, quality, and quantity when formulating the recipes to meet each dog’s nutritional requirements. Dogs require specific fatty acids that their bodies cannot produce naturally. These fats are called essential fatty acids, Omega-3 and Omega-6.

Omega-6 fatty acids are required for reproduction, growth, immune function, and skin and coat health. Dogs also require the Omega-6 fatty acid linoleic acid in their diet, thus making it an essential fatty acid for dogs. Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of fat, they serve as a source of calories for your dog. Growing puppies require a dietary source of the Omega-3 fatty acid DHA to help support the proper development and function of the brain, the central nervous tissue and vision.

What is the quality of ingredients in Nom Nom Dog Food?

Nom Nom ensures each recipe is created in accordance with nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Food Nutrient Profiles. All the ingredients are sustainably sourced and grown in the USA.

So, what kind of protein does your doggy dude gravitate towards? When you subscribe to the Nom Nom Dog Food Service, you can choose four different meals to choose from including Turkey Fare, Beef Mash, Pork Potluck, and Chicken Cuisine.

  • If your pooch is extra energetic on Thanksgiving and excited to share some table scraps, Nom Nom can satisfy that craving with their Turkey Fare recipe. It contains hearty ingredients like turkey, brown rice, eggs, spinach, carrot, fish oil, and added vitamins.
  • Nom Nom Beef Mash can ensure your canine companion gets optimal nutrition every day. It contains beef, eggs, potatoes, peas, carrots, and fish oil as the core ingredients. Additional nutritional factors include vitamin E supplements, vitamin B1, and vitamin B12.
  • The Chicken Cuisine meal is naturally the best option for dogs who love poultry. It contains the necessary vitamins to keep your dog in shape. The Nom Nom dog food ingredients include diced chicken, sweet potato chunks, spinach, yellow squash, and fish oil.
  • If your furry friend prefers pork, opt for the rich combination of pork, potatoes, green beans, yellow beans, mushrooms, kale, and fish oil in the Pork Potluck meal. 

Nom Nom dog food calories are reasonable, depending on the recipe formulated for your dog’s unique requirements, between 175 and 206 calories per 8-oz cup.

Nom Nom Now Fresh Dog Food is designed to be nutritionally complete for your pet. This ensures that your dog is getting the needed nutrients and health it deserves. All of their dog food includes a variety of ingredients that are nutritious and tasty. Nom Nom Fresh Dog Food stands out among its competitors because of the high quality of the ingredients used in the recipes. Unlike regular kibble, Nom Nom Fresh dog foods are nothing but premium ingredients, gently cooked, and vacuum packed to lock in the freshness of each meal. 

Nom Nom ships the sealed meals in freezer packs to ensure the meals remain cool and fresh in transit. Below is a list of the fresh ingredients you can expect to see in your doggy dude’s Nom Nom meals.

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Turkey
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Brown rice
  • Eggs
  • Yellow squash
  • Spinach
  • Carrots
  • Peas
  • Fish oil
  • Mushrooms
  • Kale
  • Green beans

What are the most valuable ingredients in Nom Nom Fresh Food?

Nom Nom puts together quality proteins and vegetables with targeted vitamins and minerals to provide the essential nutrients dogs need at every life stage. No fillers. 

  • Protein Sources: Like all types of meat, beef, turkey, chicken, and pork are excellent sources of high-quality protein. They contain all the essential amino acids and are referred to as complete protein, required to sustain the lives of dogs.
  • Whole Eggs: Easy to digest, whole eggs have an exceptionally high biological value.
  • Brown Rice: This is a complex carbohydrate that is fairly easy to digest once it is cooked. However, brown rice is of only modest nutritional value to a dog, aside from its natural energy content.
  • Carrots: Along with minerals and dietary fiber, carrots are also packed with beta-keratin.
  • Spinach: The vitamin and mineral content of spinach is exceptional, making spinach a valuable nutritional ingredient.
  • Dicalcium Phosphate: A valuable additive in Nom Nom Fresh Food Meals is Dicalcium phosphate, likely used here as a dietary calcium supplement. It is an effective and palatable way to give your dog important minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, and fluorine.
  • Fish Oil: A commendable addition to Nom Nom recipes is Fish oil, naturally rich in the prized EPA and DHA types of omega-3 fatty acids. These two high-quality fats boast the highest bio-availability for dogs and humans, depending on their level of freshness and purity.
  • Taurine: A positive addition to Nom Nom recipes is Taurine. It is an important amino acid associated with the healthy function of the heart muscle. Although taurine is not typically considered essential in canines, some dogs have been shown to be deficient in this critical nutrient. Since taurine deficiency appears to be more common in pets consuming grain-free diets, we view its presence in this recipe as a positive addition.
  • Minerals: In addition, the minerals contained in Nom Nom Fresh Food do not appear to be chelated, making them more difficult to absorb. Chelated minerals are usually associated with higher-quality dog foods.
  • Selenium Yeast: Nom Nom recipes contain selenium yeast. Unlike the more common inorganic form of selenium (sodium selenite), this natural yeast supplement is considered a safer anti-cancer alternative.

What are the Customer Reviews for Nom nom Dog Food Brand?

Dog Food Care looked at the customer reviews on Honest Brand Reviews. Here’s what we learned.

  • Influencer: 26 reviews, with an average of 4.8/5 stars
  • Consumer Affairs: 63 reviews, with an average of 3.9/5 stars
  • Trustpilot: 1100+ reviews with an average of 4.3/5 stars

Users on these sites have noted that their pets love the taste, even the fussy eaters. Buyers also commented on helpful customer service and described the website as easy to navigate, particularly in terms of managing subscriptions. This Nom Nom Trustpilot review sums up buyer sentiment pretty well: 

“We love everything about Nom Nom! The ease of delivery, the customer service, the wholesomeness of the product, even down to the low waste packaging. And of course: Harry loves the taste! I believe this was the best decision I could make for the overall health of my best buddy.”

We did come across some customer complaints. Since Trustpilot has the most representative sample size, we focused our attention there. Some Trustpilot customers noted that their dogs didn’t like the food and that the portions were inconsistent. Other dissatisfied customers reported issues with customer service, particularly when canceling subscriptions and requesting refunds.

It’s important to note that even the most reputable companies cannot be perfect, so customer complaints are inevitable. In Nom Nom’s case, these comments are limited in the grand scheme of customer feedback.

How Does The Nom Nom Subscription Work?

Nom Nom is a meal delivery service for your pet. The made-to-order meals use fresh, restaurant-quality ingredients and come in pre-portioned pouches that are delivered straight to your door. Delivery is free.

To get started, fill out a short quiz on Nom Nom’s website and answer a few questions about your pet, including their age, weight, and activity level. Nom Nom then matches you with a recommended recipe and serving size for your pet.

The company cooks meals on a weekly basis, but you can get weekly, biweekly, or monthly deliveries of meals based on your preferences, and your dog’s nutritional needs. You can also pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Nom Nom is committed to delivering the best nutrition for your dog or cat.

Their fresh, made-to-order recipes are formulated by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and contain no fillers, artificial preservatives, or by-products. All meals are prepared using human-grade ingredients, are portioned to meet your pet’s caloric needs, and are delivered directly to your door. Nom Nom’s range includes treats and supplements.

Subscribers to Nom Nom get their meals—and probiotics and treats—delivered for free anywhere in the contiguous 48 states. When you sign up, you’ll be shipped a trial package with two weeks of food—either meals to cover all of your pet’s daily eating, or half-portions that can be mixed with “traditional” food for a lower price. The trial package is shipped in fully recyclable packaging. Once it arrives, the majority of Nom Nom meals should go in your freezer; move a few to the refrigerator every few days to defrost and serve.

How does Dog Food Care Grade Nom Nom Dog Food?

After looking at all aspects of Nom Nom dog food, Dog Food Care recommends this Fresh Food Service to dog owners. Nom Nom uses top ingredients and careful cooking procedures for all their pet food, their recipes are formulated by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist, making it a very healthy option. Below are the advantages and benefits of choosing Nom Nom for your doggy dude.


  • There is no prep work, cooking, or measuring required. All food is sent to your door in pre-portioned bags. You just open them and pour them into your pet’s bowl. 
  • Nom Nom may have some health benefits for your dog. Fresh dog food has been touted to help with specific health problems, such as sensitive stomachs and dry skin. The research is out on whether there is a real benefit, but some pet parents are willing to try almost anything.
  • You can customize the formulas you want and pick a full portion or half portion. Alternatively, you can ask Nom Nom to formulate a diet based on your dog’s requirements.
  • If you have a picky dog, chances are good it will love the Nom Nom fresh food options. Many picky dogs love this food, BUT, some hate the taste because each dog is unique.


  • There is no getting away from the cost of pre-portioned, fresh, frozen, vacuum-packed dog food, delivered to your door at no extra charge. It is considerably more expensive than traditional kibble or canned dog food, but then again, the old and new options are not really comparable.
  • Nom Nom Fresh Food must be refrigerated or frozen, so if you frequently take your dog on camping or other trips, you’ll have to cart the kibble along if you won’t have refrigeration options at your destination.

However, Dog Food Care can confidently recommend Nom Nom to all the rest of the dog owners, with a 4-star rating. Nom Nom is a good option for those who want to feed their precious pooches more natural dog food, free of GMOs and packed with natural, wholesome nutrition. But to be certain you make the right choice, Nom Nom offers a sample pack containing one of each of the four flavors at $15.

Is Nom Nom Dog Food good for a dog’s skin?

Nom Nom fresh dog food recipes specifically include healthy oils, such as fish oil and sunflower oil, to promote healthy skin and combat allergies. Plus, their limited-ingredient recipes.

Is Nom Nom Dog Food good for dogs with itchy skin problems?

Yes, Nom Nom recipes are limited ingredient formulas, and if your dog’s itchy skin is food-related, Nom Nom recipes will minimize the risk of ingredient allergens within the diet. Nom Nom will be a good choice to get your precious pup’s skin back to normal and keep it healthy. Except if the dog is sensitive to chicken and not grains, in which case you’d be advised to get the Beef mash or Pork Potluck recipes.

Is Nom Nom Dog food good for puppies?

Nom Nom’s definitive guide to feeding your large or small breed puppy, written by an expert vet nutritionist, takes you through everything you need to know about how, when, and what to feed your puppy. They include a puppy feeding handy calculator that tells you how much to feed based on the estimated adult weight of your dog.

Is Nom Nom Dog food good for older dogs?

All the Nom Nom foods should be perfectly safe for senior dogs. They specifically tailor the nutrient blend to be helpful across adult life stages, including senior pets. It is advisable to update your dog’s profile on the Nom Nom website, as they age their nutritional requirements change. 

Is Nom Nom Dog Food healthy for dog growth?

Nom Nom diets have been carefully crafted to provide optimal amounts of calcium, balanced by phosphorus, to promote adequate bone growth, while also reducing the risk of potentially debilitating disorders later in life.

Is Nom Nom Dog Food expensive?

The cost per dog varies slightly, based on each dog’s needs. Below is a table with estimated prices.

Dog Size

Dog Weight

Fresh Food Daily Cost

Fresh Food Weekly Cost (7-day week)


Less than 10-lbs

$3 per day

$21.00 per week


10 to 20-lbs

$4 per day

$28.00 per week



$5 – $6 per day

$35 – $42 per week



$7 per day

$49 per week



$8 per day

$56 per week



$10 per day

$70 per week

Is Nom Nom Dog Food AAFCO approved?

Yes, all the Nom Nom dog food formulas are approved as meeting the nutritional guidelines set out by AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials) for All Life Stages.

Is Nom Nom Dog Food grain-free?

Only the Turkey Fare recipe is formulated with grains–it contains brown rice. The Chicken Cuisine, Beef mash, and Pork Potluck recipes are grain free.

Is Nom Nom Dog Food a high-energy dog food?

Nom Nom formulas that contain ample amounts of protein include average to below-average levels of calories and fat, making them more suitable for low-activity dogs and seniors. Nom Nom makes restaurant-quality meals for dogs using all-natural, fresh ingredients. Studies involving dog owners indicate that dogs who eat Nom Nom have more energy and an increased appetite.

Is Nom Nom Dog food produced in the USA?

Nom Nom has been in business since 2014, and its empire is ever-expanding. Nate Phillips is the CEO, and Zach Phillips is the company’s president started Nom Nom Inc. in the San Francisco area and expanded to establish a production facility in Nashville, TN, in 2018. In January 2022, Nom Nom was acquired by Mars Petcare.

Where to buy Nom Nom Dog Food products in the USA?

Nom Nom dog food specially formulated to meet the unique needs of your dog can only be bought from Nom Nom’s website. However, according to their website, Nom Nom suggests dog owners who are considering changing their doggy dudes’ diets to Nom Nom can go ahead and give them a taste. They are sold at select Pet Smart stores in addition to

How is the Nom Nom Dog Food shipment speed?

The speed of Nom Nom shipments for orders placed online depends on the schedule arranged when subscribing to the delivery service.

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