101 Popular Husky Dog Names (for Males & Females)

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If you’ve recently welcomed a Husky in your home, then you aren’t alone.

According to the American Kennel Club, the Siberian Husky is the country’s 14th most popular dog breed, while the similar Alaskan Malamute ranks at #58. The Husky is an instantly recognizable breed.

Known for their piercing blue eyes, rascally expression, and thick coats, Huskies are both intelligent and extremely athletic. Surely, such a unique and extraordinary dog needs a name to match.

Below, we’ve listed 101 great name ideas for Huskies spanning six relevant categories: Russian names, Alaskan and Inuit names, names from fantasy, winter-inspired names, and names that are just plain adorable. 

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Russian Names 

Today’s Siberian Huskies descend from dogs who lived nearly 9,500 years ago in northeastern Asia. For centuries, they were bred by the Chukchi people as companions and endurance sled dogs. 

Over the course of the last two centuries, Siberian Huskies gained popularity throughout Siberia, then throughout Russia, and finally throughout the rest of the world. Therefore, it just makes sense to consider Russian or Siberian Husky names.


  1. Maxim: A nice twist on the very common “Max,” Maxim is a Russian boy’s name with Latin roots. It can mean “great” or “most excellent,” but can always be shortened to Max, too. Maksim is an alternate spelling.
  2. Laika:  Not only is Laika a Russian boy’s name, but it was also the name of the first dog — a Husky mix — to go to space. 
  3. Zhivago: Doctor Zhivago, by Boris Pasternak, remains one of the most famous Russian novels in history. 
  4. Sasha: Sasha is a common Russian boy’s name. It is usually short for Alexander, and Sashenka is its nickname. 
  5. Czar:  Pronounced “Zarr,” Czar (or its alternate spelling Tsar) is the Slavic title for emperor. It comes from the word Caesar. 
  6. Dima: This majestic and easily pronounceable nickname for Dmitri is unmistakably Russian. 
  7. Feliks: Feliks is the Russian form of Felix, and means “lucky one.” 
  8. Pasha: Pronounced “Paw-sha,” this classic Russian name means “small and humble.” 
  9. Igor: Pronounced “Ee-gore,” Igor is a Russian name meaning “warrior.” 
  10. Tomsk: Tomsk is a city in Siberia. 


  1. Lena: The Lena is the easternmost of Siberia’s three main rivers.
  2. Kara: In Siberian mythology, Kara is the shaman who has the ability to bring people back from the dead. 
  3. Lara: Not only is Lara a classic and popular Russian girl’s name, but it is also the name of the female main character in Boris Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago, a Russian classic. 
  4. Katya: A classic Russian name meaning “pure,” Katya is especially ideal for a white Siberian. 
  5. Mila: Thanks in part to actress Mila Kunis, who was born in Soviet Ukraine, Mila is a popular name throughout the Western world. Still, it gives off major Russian vibes and means “dear one,” a suitable meaning for a beloved canine.
  6. Natasha: This Russian twist on Natalie actually means “born on Christmas day.” But whenever your Husky puppy was born, we think Natasha — and its nickname Tasha — make for a cute moniker. 
  7. Kira: Already a popular name for both dogs and humans, Kira is a Russian girl’s name meaning “ruler.” 
  8. Dasha: Though it might make you think of “fast” (not inappropriate for the athletic Husky), Dasha is actually a popular Russian girl’s name meaning “kingly.”  
  9. Nina: Nina is a popular Russian girl’s name meaning “grace.” 
  10. Kisa: If you like ironic names, Kisa (pronounced “Kee-sa”) actually means “kitten.” 
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Alaskan and Inuit Names

The Alaskan Husky is another type of Husky dog, while the Alaskan Malamute is a very similar breed in look and personality. Inuit names and names inspired by Alaska are common choices of Husky owners for their dogs. 


  1. Moose: Besides being both adorable and suitable for a large dog, the moose also happens to be the official state animal of Alaska. 
  2. Chinook:  Anyone who has spent time in Alaska is familiar with the region’s famous warm dry winds called Chinooks. 
  3. Grizzly: The Grizzly bear — another cute and fluffy animal — is native to Alaska. 
  4. Tundra: A tundra is a treeless ecosystem. Alaska is home to the vast arctic tundra. 
  5. Nanook: Nanook is a native Alaskan, or Inuit, word meaning “cute.” 
  6. Homer: Homer is the name of a city in Alaska.
  7. Kodiak: Kodiak is another famous Alaskan city.
  8. Klondike: Klondike is both a region in Alaska and the setting for Jack London’s classic The Call of the Wild
  9. Atka: This Inuit word means “king.” 
  10. Yukon: The Yukon river flows through Alaska. 


  1. Miska: We think this Inuit word meaning “Little Bear” is a pretty appropriate name for a cute Husky.
  2. Juneau: Juneau is the capital city of the state of Alaska. 
  3. Kima: This Inuit word means “candy.” A sweet name for a sweet Husky puppy, perhaps? 
  4. Kenai: Kenai is a city on the coast of Alaska and the ending place of the mighty Kenai River. 
  5. Nukka: Another Inuit word, “nukka” means “Little Sister.” 
  6. Eska: Eska Mountain is a popular destination in Alaska for hiking. 
  7. Alyeska: Alyeska is the Aleut word from which “Alaska” is derived. 
  8. Denali: Denali, situated in central Alaska, is the tallest mountain in all of North America. 
  9. Kiska: Kiska is an island in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. 
  10. Sesi: “Sesi” means “snow” in the language of the Alaska Natives.
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Winter-Inspired Names

With their thick coats and history of pulling sleds through the snow, Huskies are very well associated with cold weather. A name inspired by winter might just make for the perfect Husky dog name.


  1. Blizzard: An unmistakably wintery name for a wintery dog breed.  
  2. Glacier: Both Alaska and Siberia are home to some of the world’s most famous glaciers.
  3. Frost: Frost or Frosty is perfect for a dog who loves a cold climate. 
  4. Dasher: Dasher is traditionally the name of one of Santa’s reindeer, and is also famous for pulling a sled.  
  5. Penguin: Besides being absolutely adorable, penguins also love the cold and ice. 
  6. Sochi: A nice nod to the Husky’s Russian heritage, Sochi is a popular winter destination for Russians.
  7. Nix: Nix is the Latin word for “snow.”
  8. Lumi: Lumi is a Finnish word meaning “snow.” 
  9. Gale: A chilly winter wind is called a gale. 
  10. Mittens: A cutesy name for a dog who doesn’t need mittens when playing out in the snow.


  1. Aurora: This beautiful girl’s name will make anyone who hears it think of the Aurora Borealis.
  2. Aspen: A classic ski destination, Aspen evokes images of falling snow and cozy ski chalets.
  3. January: A cold month, but a great name for a female Husky.
  4. Merry: A friendly-sounding word that will evoke feelings of good cheer all year round.
  5. Wren: A popular name for girls, and a bird that appears during the winter months.
  6. Bianca: A popular Spanish name meaning “white.” 
  7. Cocoa: Though it sounds like the sophisticated French girl’s name Coco, that ‘a’ on the end is a nice nod to the coziness of winter.
  8. Alba: The girl’s name “Alba” means “bright white.”
  9. Holly: Classic winter greenery, and a Christmas must-have.
  10. Winter: A little on-the-nose perhaps, but a perfect name for a dog who loves this season.
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Names From Fantasy 

The overall popularity of Huskies skyrocketed with the phenomenon that was Game of Thrones. If you’re looking for a unique name for your direwolf lookalike, then consider these names inspired by fantasy. 


  1. Ghost: Ghost is the name of Jon Snow’s heroic direwolf in the hit series Game of Thrones
  2. Hercules: A strong name for a strong dog, Hercules is the Greek god of strength and power. 
  3. Odin: The most important god in all of Norse mythology is Odin.
  4. Pluto: Disney aside, Pluto is a Greek god of the underworld. 
  5. Zeus: The most important of the Greek gods, Zeus is a strong name for a strong and majestic dog.
  6. Ajax: An epic name for an epic dog, Ajax is the historic and poetic hero of the Trojan War.
  7. Sirius: Harry Potter fans will love this nod to J.K. Rowling’s Sirius Black. 
  8. Pippin: Pippin, or his full name Peregrin, is a hobbit of the Shire (and a fan favorite) in Tolkein’s classic fantasy world. 
  9. Pan: Pan is the god of the wild, and makes perfect sense for a dog that resembles a wolf. 
  10. Linus: A cute name for a dog, but also the name of a minor Greek god. 


  1. Cersei: A Game of Thrones reference, and a form of Circe, a Greek name meaning “bird.”   
  2. Nymeria: Another Game of Thrones reference, Nymeria is the direwolf of Arya Stark. 
  3. Leia: Dog lovers who also love Star Wars will adore this name inspired by Princess Leia.  
  4. Athena: Athena is the Greek goddess associated with wisdom (and warfare).
  5. Luna: A popular name for girls and pets, Luna was the Roman goddess of the moon. 
  6. Penelope: The mythological name Penelope means “devotion” and “fidelity,” two words that definitely describe the Husky breed. 
  7. Gaia: Gaia is the goddess of the Earth.
  8. Daphne: Not only is Daphne a good female Husky name, it’s also the name of the daughter of the god of rivers. 
  9. Calliope: Calliope is the traditional muse of epic poetry, and “Callie” is a great nickname! 
  10. Nyx: Nyx is a goddess of the night, and is a cool name for a cool dog.
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Cute Names for Huskies

If you think your Husky or Malamute is especially adorable, then you may be considering a really cute name to match. Here are some ideas of cute names for male and female Huskies.


  1. Gus: Short and sweet, Gus is the name of the cutest mouse in Cinderella. It’s also the name of the Siberian Husky character in the Disney film Iron Will
  2. Bear: Whether you associate it with a grizzly or a teddy, Bear makes a cute name for a male dog.  
  3. Rufus: A common name in both Britain and the dog world. 
  4. Boots: Boots could be a nod to any markings on your dog’s legs, or it could be a reference to the boot-like slippers sled dogs wear to keep ice from forming between their toes. 
  5. Cubby: This name reminds us of something especially cuddly. 
  6. Caleb: We love this name, which is Hebrew for “faithful.”
  7. Rookie: Sports fans may be a big fan of Rookie, which also happens to be the official name for a first-time musher in a dog sled race.
  8. Beau: French for “beautiful.” Appropriate, right? 
  9. Max: Max remains the #1 most popular name for male dogs of any breed. 
  10. Astro: Remember The Jetsons? Astro was their dog!


  1. Bella: Bella is the #1 most popular name for female dogs of any breed. It’s also especially fitting for the beautiful Husky. 
  2. Ivy: Ivy is currently all the rage in human girl names, but we think this name that means “faithfulness” would also look great on a dog tag. 
  3. Mimi: Mimi is a cutesy and easy to say French name meaning “faithful guard.”
  4. Dixie: This one is bound to make anyone say “awww.”
  5. Grace, Gracie: An appropriate name for a dog as majestic as the Siberian.  
  6. Dakota: A sweet name with cold climate connotations. 
  7. Miley: An on-trend girl’s name, but also a reference to the miles-long races Huskies are capable of winning.
  8. Sallie: Though she wasn’t a Husky-type dog, Sallie was the real-life mascot of the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry who became a heroine at the Battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War. But history aside, Sallie is a cute name for a girl dog. 
  9. Perdita: Perdita and its nickname Perdy have been go-to female dog names since their use in 101 Dalmations
  10. Duchess: A name fit for royalty!

Or, you can name your new dog after the world’s most famous Husky…

  1. Balto: Balto was a real-life hero who has since been immortalized in children’s books, movies, and even a statue. In 1925, the town of Nome in Alaska was dealing with an outbreak of diphtheria. Many Inuit children were getting sick, but the town was bound by ice. Balto, who was still young and inexperienced, led a team of sled dogs 1,000 miles away to Anchorage and back, in order to deliver the antitoxin serum that saved the lives of dozens of children.

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