Can Dogs Eat Oranges Safely?

Dog Eating Orange

Is it safe for dogs to eat oranges?

You can safely share oranges with your dog. However, moderation is key, and remember to limit all the treats to a total of 10% of your pup’s daily diet. Keep in mind that oranges have high sugar and acidity contents. Their digestive systems will not cope with too many oranges.

Do oranges have any health benefits for dogs?

Did you know that the bodies of dogs with healthy balanced diets could manufacture their own vitamin C needs? Therefore, see oranges as treats and not necessary vitamin C supplements. Having said that, oranges in small doses can provide that extra Vitamin C boost, along with fiber and potassium.

According to Christine Keyserling, a veterinarian in New York, dogs with highly active lives or elevated stress levels could benefit from vitamin C supplements. She says their livers could struggle to produce the necessary amounts of vitamin C.

Are there any risks to allowing Fido to eat oranges?

Orange peels are dangerous because they can cause intestinal blockages. Furthermore, experts recommend not treating Fido with orange juice. The following symptoms can indicate your pup overindulged in oranges and a sign for you to call your vet:

  • Upset stomach due to the high sugar content
  • Choking because orange peels were still attached
  • Blood-sugar spikes caused by too much sugar for diabetic dogs
  • GI tract blockage due to ingesting orange peels could be life-threatening and might need emergency surgery

How many orange slices can you give your pup?

Many dogs don’t like the tartness of oranges, and others can’t get enough. If yours is the latter, don’t continue feeding oranges slices as long as he asks for more. Keep the 10% rule in mind and rather give less than more. About 9% of the weight of an orange is sugar. That means the sugar content of one cup of slices is approximately 17 grams and 4% is fiber. Fido’s digestive system is not geared for this, so play it safe by limiting his orange treats.

A final reminder

Never feed diabetic dogs oranges or any other fruits and vegetables with high sugar content.

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