Austrian Brandlbracke Dog Breed Family, Social Life, Physical Traits, Diet Information

Austrian Brandlbracke Dog Breed Family, Social Life, Physical Traits, Diet Info

Originating from Austria, the Austrian Brandlbrack is a medium-sized, solidly-structured dog originally bred for hunting purposes. The dog has a hypersensitive smell and hardly fails when it smells prey making it an excellent hunting dog. The Austrian Brandlbrack was initially developed to hunt hares and rabbits in the mountains of Austria. This dog is highly energetic and loves to work constantly. 

Although this dog breed was primarily developed for hunting, it adapts well to family life with proper socialization. The Brandlbrack is loving, playful, and intelligent and makes an excellent choice for families with children searching for an active companion. This dog also tolerates and socializes well with other dogs. However, its hunting nature is not suited for families with other small animals, including cats, birds, and rabbits. Since this dog loves working, it’s not ideal for apartment living but instead thrives in a rural setting with large spaces to play and run around.

This dog’s name Brandlbracke is a combination of two names; Brand, which means harmful fire used to allude to its fawn markings, and Bracke, which indicates that it’s a hunting dog. Other names include Osterreichische Glatthaariage, Black and Tan Hound, Doggenwuffen, and Austrian Smooth-haired Hound.

The Brandlbracke dog breed weighs between 33-49 pounds for both female and male dogs but with a slight difference in height between both sexes. Males stand at 20-22 inches while females are between 19-21 inches tall. The dog has an average lifespan of 12-14 years and a litter size of 3-5 puppies once a year.

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What is the History of the Austrian Brandlbracke Dog? 

Although their history is not clearly known due to lack of documentation and records, the Austrian Brandlbracke dog breed is considered to have been in existence since early in the 19th century. These dogs are believed to be true descendants of the Celtic Hounds and were developed in the Alps mountain region in Austria, from where they derive their name. The breed was first recorded in 1884, but it’s assumed to have been in existence way before this time.

Originally developed to create the best hunting partner with the ability to work well in tough environmental circumstances, the Brandlbracken was initially used to track and pursue wounded animals in high altitudes without failing. The breed has high stamina and prefers to move and work continually. Although the breed was originally created to hunt and chase hares and rabbits, it has been shown to be adaptable enough to track down bigger-sized prey including deers and bears.

The Branlbracke dogs were initially bred as hunting companions and are thus not recommended as family pets. However, proper socialization and training make them great family dogs as they are affectionate, loving, and loyal.

The Brandlbracke received recognition as a Scent-hound by the United Kennel Club in 2006 but is not recognized by the American Kennel Club. It’s also recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) as an independent breed. However, this scent hound dog remains a rare breed outside its native home in Austria despite its hunting prowess.

What are the Breed Traits and Characteristics of Austrian Brandlbracke Dog? 

The Austrian Brandlbracke is an easy-going, lively, fun-loving dog that loves playing and running around. This dog relates well with its family children included, thus making it an ideal family dog, especially for young children. The dog gets along well with other dogs and strangers, but it does not relate well with small animals due to its naturally high prey drive.

The Austrian Brandlbracke is very vocal and not suitable for apartment living. It thrives best in a rural setting with large spaces for unrestricted play. Being a highly active dog, the Bracke requires a lot of physical and mental activities to remain active. The dog is also highly intelligent and easy to train but requires a firm handler.

The table below summarizes the character traits of the Austrian Brandlbracke:

Austrian Brandlbracken Features

Breeds characteristics


The Austrian Brandlbracken dog is described as good-natured, affectionate, friendly, agreeable, elegant, and energetic in temperament. Since they are bred as hunting dogs, these smart and energetic dogs are happiest running around and exploring the world. They thus thrive best in a rural setting with large areas to run around unrestrictively.  They make excellent companions for children and are affectionate and loving to their families with proper socialization.

Adaptability level

The Brandlbracke is highly adaptable and capable of coping well with different climatic conditions. Due to their origin, these dogs can tolerate harsh environments without any problems. They can also adapt to lifestyle and environmental changes very well. However, they are not ideal for indoor, city, or apartment living but do best in rural areas or large yards.

Sensitivity level

The Bracken dogs have moderate sensitive levels and tolerate moderate punishment pretty well. They also cope well with changes in their routine. However, positive reinforcement training methods are the best as harsh methods may make them sensitive.

Affection level

The Austrian Brandlbracken is not an aloof dog breed as it’s highly affectionate with its family. It likes being involved in the life and activities of its family


This dog breed is very friendly to its family and relates well with strangers. As such, it’s not ideal as a watch or guard dog 


The Brandlbracken is highly affectionate with kids. It loves playing and has the stamina to keep up with the kids’ playfulness. It thus makes ideal companions for children of all ages.


Although this dog relates well with other dogs, it’s not suitable for families with other pets and smaller animals including cats, birds, or rabbits due to its natural prey drive

Exercise needs

The Austrian Black and Tan Hounds are highly active and require lots of exercises in terms of daily walks, jogs, games, as well as mental stimulation, to be at their best. A minimum of one hour of physical activity is recommended for these dogs.


These dogs are highly playful and love to run around. As such, they are best suited in large areas and not in apartments or indoor settings.

Energy Level

Being hunting dogs, Brandlbrackens are highly energetic dogs and thus need a lot of physical and mental activity to keep them from becoming destructive due to boredom.


The Black and Tan Hound is easy to train. This dog is intelligent and independent and can learn commands very easily. It responds best to the positive reinforcement method of training


These dogs have high intelligence levels and can grasp commands easily. However, they are also independent and need a firm and consistent trainer.

Tendency to bark

The Brandlbracken dog has low barking tendencies. It only barks occasionally and thus does not make a good watchdog.

Amount of shedding

The Bracke dog breed has a short coat that sheds moderately. Weekly grooming is enough to keep its coat in good condition.

What are the Austrian Brandlbracke Dog Physical Traits?

The Austrian Black and Tan is a medium-sized dog with a slender but solid build and a broad chest. These dogs stand at 20-22 inches in height for males and 19-21 inches for females. Both sexes have an average weight of 33-49 pounds. The dog has glossy, dark brown eyes with an alert and lively expression plus rounded, high-insertion ears that hang onto the cheek. The tail of the Brandlbracke is long and slightly bent. This dog breed has a smooth, short, and dense coat that comes in black color with small, clearly defined light to dark fawn markings. It also has two fawn markings above the eyes.

What are the Social Traits of Austrian Brandlbracke Dog Breed?

The Austrian Brandlbracke is an affectionate dog that’s loving and friendly to its family. It’s a gentle dog that relates well with kids and loves playing with them, making it an excellent companion for families with children. The dog also gets along well with other dogs. However, it doesn’t relate well with other pets and smaller animals, including cats and birds. This dog is also unaggressive and not wary of strangers and thus not a good guard dog.

What are the Personality Traits of Austrian Brandlbracke Dog?

The Brandlbracke is a lively, affectionate, energetic, and good-natured dog that is happy working and running around. With proper socialization, these dogs make excellent family pets. The Brandlbrackes are highly energetic and playful and are best suited for large spaces in rural areas and not apartment living.

What is the Average Maintenance Cost for Austrian Brandlbracke Dog? 

The Australian Brandlbracke is a low-maintenance dog breed. The total average maintenance cost depends on the food, grooming, medical, acquisition, and veterinary costs. These dogs are very rare outside their native home in Austria. As such, it may be quite difficult locating one, and when you do, the cost will be relatively high, with a puppy going for between $400-$600. During the first year, the overall costs for these dogs will be high given the extra care that puppies call for plus one-off costs for spaying and neutering. On average, you’ll spend about $3800, after which it will decrease to about $ 1381 annually.

Grooming an Australian BrandlBracke is not a costly affair since it requires no special care. This dog has a short, smooth, and dense coat with average to high shedding levels. Weekly coat brushing is necessary to keep the dog’s coat in good condition. However, during the shedding season, you’ll need to brush your dog’s coat daily to keep loose hairs at bay. 

Since the dog does not have an awful dog stench, bathing should be infrequent, just a few times per year. Too much bathing can interfere with the dog’s natural oils and lead to excessive dryness. The Brandlbracke is prone to ear infection and thus requires frequent, usually daily, ear cleaning to curb this. This dog is also an average drooler, and thus, keeping a dry cloth close by will come in handy to help wipe the drool when it happens and help maintain good hygiene. Regular nail trimming and teeth brushing are also required for this dog.

Other costs include medical and food costs. Generally, the Brandlbracke dog is a healthy dog with few health concerns. Thus its medical cost is nothing to worry about. You can expect to spend $600 annually on food for this dog.

What is the best diet for Austrian Brandlbracke Dog? 

The Austrian Brandlbracke needs the right nutrition to stay healthy and perform its best. Although it has a low propensity to weight gain due to its active and energetic lifestyle, without proper food proportions and sufficient exercise, this dog can also become obese. It’s thus critical to feed a Bracke on high-quality food in the right amounts for optimal health and functioning.

How much food your Black and Tan Hound should consume depends on its size, age, metabolism, and activity level. Being a medium-sized dog breed, a diet specifically tailored for their size is ideal. The food for this dog should be high-quality and complete with a good balance of proteins, vitamins, fats, and carbohydrates. 

Since the Bracke dog was bred as a hunting dog, a formula for working breed dogs is most suitable. Veterinarians recommend feeding the Austrian Brandlbracke dogs on high-quality dry food for balanced nutrition and easy, quick, and efficient feeding without the risk of overfeeding.

An adult Brandlbracke dog should consume between 21/2 -3 cups of dry food daily on average. This should be not be fed at once but spread into 2-3 meals to avoid too much feeding in once sitting. If your dog is gaining weight too rapidly, a low-calorie diet is recommended to control weight gain. The dog should also not be fed on table scraps, increasing the risk for obesity.

A Brandlbracke is highly energetic and active and needs enough food to support its rapid growth. It should thus be given a diet specifically formulated for puppies and in the right amount to support sustained growth. 2-21/2 cups of food divided into 3-4 times daily is recommended.

Generally, feeding an Austrian Brandlbracke dog will cost you $1.2-$1.4 daily and $34-$45 monthly on average. However, this may vary depending on the food’s brand, type, and quality. 

What are the common health problems of Austrian Brandlbracke Dog? 

Although the Austrian Brandlbracke is a healthy dog breed generally, just like other dogs, it’s prone to some health issues. These include

Elbow dysplasia: This refers to abnormal elbow joint development that mostly occurs in large, rapidly growing dogs. This happens if the three joint bones fail to fit perfectly due to growth abnormalities resulting in irregular weight distribution on the joint areas. This causes lameness, pain, and the development of arthritis. The symptoms of elbow dysplasia include

  • Lameness in one or both of the front legs
  • Stiffness
  • Reluctance to exercise
  • Occasional limping
  • Crackling sound when the elbow joint moves
  • One or both front legs rotate inwards while the elbow rotates outward

Hip dysplasia: This condition is common in many dog breeds, most especially large breed dogs. However, it may afflict any Austrian dog Brandlbracke included. Hip dysplasia is a degenerative disorder caused by a misalignment of the hip ball and socket. The hip joint deteriorates due to this, causing excruciating discomfort, dysfunction, or incapacitation. Lameness, muscle atrophy, and immobility are all symptoms of this illness. Surgery may be necessary if the dog’s mobility is restricted or in pain. Other signs that your dog may be suffering from hip dysplasia include

  • Occasional or chronic lameness
  • Abnormal sitting positions
  • Cracking or popping sounds from the joints
  • Difficulty getting up

Ear infections: Due to their long ears, the Austrian Brandlbracke dogs are prone to ear infections. This is because they tend to hold fluids creating a fertile ground for bacteria and yeast to thrive. Regular ear examination and cleaning are essential in curbing this condition. The symptoms of an ear infection may include;

  • Swelling in the ear canal
  • Dark discharge
  • Itching 
  • Crusting or scabs in the ear
  • Pain
  • Shaking of the head
  • Foul odor
  • Scratching at the affected ear

What are the Nutritional Needs of an Austrian Brandlbracke Dog? 

A completely balanced diet with all essential nutrient components is crucial in ensuring optimal health and functioning of the Austrian Brandlbracken dog. The best food for this dog should contain the following nutrients in the right balance:

  • Proteins: Austrian Brandlbracke dogs need natural animal proteins to supply amino acids necessary for the development and preservation of healthy muscles and tissues. Proteins also form a significant energy source that Austrian Brandlbrackes need for their high activity levels. Chicken, beef, turkey, fish, lamb, and pork are all good sources of proteins for these dogs.
  • Carbohydrates: Although carbs are not a dietary requirement, they are important energy providers. Austrian Brandlbrackes are highly active dogs and need carbohydrates to satisfy their endless energy need. Moreover, carbs also help in protein absorption allowing the dogs to build lean muscles. However, these should be given sparingly as too much leads to obesity in dogs.
  • Minerals: Austrian Brandlbracke dogs need a healthy balance of minerals that promote bone health, including potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. These minerals are also beneficial for optimal organ functioning. Other important minerals for these dogs include selenium, zinc, manganese, folate, and others that play various important roles in the body of these dogs.
  • Fats: As hunting dogs, Brandlbrackes need additional energy sources to fuel their active lifestyle. Fats provide helpful sources of extra energy. Additionally, fats aid in the dog’s metabolism. However, these should only be given in moderation, leading to unhealthy weight gain.
  • Micronutrients: Since Brandlbracke dogs are hunting dogs and love to run around, their joints should always be in top condition. Including micronutrients such as glucosamine and chondroitin in their diet can help promote joint health and keep these dogs active. Taurine is also necessary for improving these dogs’ heart health.

Where to Buy or Adopt Austrian Brandlbracke Dogs? 

The Austrian Brandlebracke is an extremely rare breed outside their native home in Austria, making it very difficult to buy or adopt. However, it is still possible to get breeders for these dogs.

While looking to buy or adopt a Bracke dog, it’s crucial to trend with caution and only go for reputable and genuine breeders. This will help ensure that your dog will be healthy in the future and free from any likely health complications. It’s also best to avoid sales sites and ad pages to prevent backyard breeding.

If you are fortunate enough to find a good breeder, it is important to plan for a site visit to ensure that the breeder is responsible. While at it, insist on meeting the puppy’s parents to understand their temperament. Any good breeder should have proof of healthy litter with all required documentation. An Austrian Brandlbracken puppy will cost you between $400-$600.

You may also get an Austrian Brandlbracke dog from adoption homes or rescue centers. These organizations are dedicated to finding suitable homes for abandoned, mistreated, or stray dogs. Given the Austrian Brandlbrackes’ rarity, it’s best to reach out to the registered kennel clubs like the United Kennel Club and the Federation Cynologique Internationale for guidance on the available rescue centers and breeders these dogs.

What are the Similar Dog Breeds for Austrian Brandlbracke Dog? 

The dog breeds below are comparable to the Austrian Brandlbracke dogs in size, grooming needs, maintenance, or energy/activity levels.

  • Black and Tan Coonhound: Like Austrian Brandlbracke dogs, this dog was bred to hunt small animals. Its keen sense of smell makes it an excellent scent hunter. It’s also calm, determined, loving, and affectionate, making it a good family dog. This dog breed is also very friendly to people, children, strangers, and other dogs. Due to its extreme friendliness, this dog does not make a good watchdog. more about Austrian Black and Tan Coonhound social life diet & care information.
  • Bloodhound: Like the Austrian Brandlbrack dog, the bloodhound is energetic, playful, loving, and intelligent. The dog is easy to train as its obedient and learns commands very quickly. This dog requires early and proper socialization to prevent aggressive behavior.  The lifespan of this dog is comparable to that of the Brandlbracke as they both live for an average of 12-14 years.
  • Basset Hound: The Basset Hound is a gentle, sweet, and good-natured dog that’s very affectionate with its owners, including children. It gets along well, including children, seniors, strangers, and other dogs. Although it makes an ideal family dog, especially for kids, it is not a good guard dog.

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